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Burn Maxx is an ephedra-free thermogenic dietary supplement sold only on its official website. Burn Maxx claims to enhance weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

The official website for Burn Maxx is gimmicky and does not instill trust in its product. A “risk-free”, “free trial” offer has a clock which counts down the seconds left to take advantage of the offer. When the clock reaches zero, you can still accept the offer. According to the fine print on these website, signing up for the advertised “risk-free” trial also signs you up to be charged $84.95 if you don’t cancel within 14-days and another $84.95 per month thereafter to keep receiving monthly supplies of Burn Maxx. Cancelling within 14 days wouldn’t make sense, however, according to the fine print, because “most customers see significant/noticeable results after using Burn Maxx consistently for 3 months.” Under this rationale, a consumer must pay $254.85 to try this product, so it is not a “risk-free” or “free trial” offer as advertised.

Burn Maxx’s official website uses a common marketing tactic of subpar health products: the logos of major news outlets such as CNN and the BBC are lined up on their websites, but they don’t actually provide any links to news articles that are even remotely related to these. The customer reviews written on other websites sound like paid advertisements. The “money-back guarantee” is only for unopened bottles, so this product cannot be returned once it has been tested by the consumer. Burn Maxx is not sold by other online retailers.

Burn Maxx does not provide a comprehensive list of ingredients on its website. It is also not regulated by the FDA, so the lack of a comprehensive list of ingredients is even more worrisome, as consumers will need to research each ingredient on their own to check its safety and effectiveness. Your primary doctor should always be consulted before beginning any weight loss program.


List of Ingredients

Ingredients include: green tea (contains caffeine), cha de bugre, hoodia, yerba mate (contains caffeine) and garcinia cambogia. Other ingredients are unknown.

Product Features

Burn Maxx claims to be a thermogenic supplement, which means its intended effect is to increase metabolism and body temperature to help burn fat more quickly. Two of the known ingredients in this product contain caffeine, which is known to increase energy and alertness, but is also addictive and can increase the heart rate and high blood pressure. Two of the other ingredients are known to act as stimulants, which can further increase the likelihood of these dangerous side effects, including heart attack and stroke.


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  • Burn Maxx may be effective as a thermogenic weight loss supplement, however this is not supported with any evidence
  • There are many positive customer reviews of this product available online, however they sound like paid advertisements.



  • There are no comprehensive list of ingredients for Burn Maxx products.
  • There are dangerous side effects of ingredients in this supplement, including increased heart rate and blood pressure, which could lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • There are no money-back guarantees of this product once it has been opened or free trial samples, so customers have no way to ensure the products’ effectiveness without buying them.


Burn Maxx claims is an ephedra-free, thermogenic weight loss supplement, however its effectiveness is not clear. This product is not regulated by the FDA, and the full ingredients are not disclosed. Furthermore, there are no money-back guarantees on the effectiveness of its products or free trial samples. The official website contains many misleading statements and advertising tricks. Taking this product could increase heart rate and blood pressure, so you should consult your primary doctor before using.

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