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The Burn ‘N Firm Body Sculpting System is a DVD based exercise system which aims to provide a blend of kickboxing, body firming, Latin and disco dance techniques for a complete cardio and sculpting workout. Even if you have never danced before, creator Ashley Marriott claims her special training and teaching method will have you doing her moves in just a matter of minutes. Marriott maintains her Burn ‘N Firm system will help you burn calories, reduce fat and firm your body’s trouble spots in only 20 minutes a day, three times a week. The Burn ‘N Firm System promises that you will “Get the sizzle of South Beach with the heart pumpin’, body groovin’ feel of Hollywood’s hottest workout!”

Product Features

The Burn ‘N Firm System is a fitness program which consists of four workout DVDs, the Dance It Off Meal Plan, a Shopping Guide, a Dining Out guide and Special Recipe Cards for healthy meal ideas. The four workout DVDs are:

1. “Turn Up The Heat,” which features trainer Ashley Marriott’s “Break It Down ‘N Burn It Up” method. 2) “Steam ‘N Sizzle,” a Latin Dance based firming technique. #3 “Box ‘N Burn” is a 20-minute kickboxing and cardio workout. #4 “Cardio Blaze Dance Party” is a hip-hop based workout.

The creator of the Burn ‘N Firm System, Ashley Marriott, is known for being a good motivator. She lost 40 pounds before becoming a certified personal trainer, and is now featured as a guest trainer on the television show “Biggest Loser.” The official website for the Burn ‘N Firm System promises the customer a 24/7 online support feature which includes live chats with Ashley and other Burn ‘N Firm trainers. The Burn ‘N Firm System is available online for three monthly payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. A 30-day guarantee is mentioned but there is not further information provided.

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  • The Burn ‘N Firm System offers four different DVD workouts to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.
  • The official website for Burn ‘N Firm offers video clip testimonials of how they achieved success through the program.
  • The Burn ‘N Firm System includes healthy food suggestions, including a special dining out guide.


  • The Burn ‘N Firm System is designed to increase fitness.  Weight loss may occur but is not its primary stated goal.
  • The Burn ‘N Firm DVD System calls for individual effort, motivation and dedication on the part of the user.
  • It is not for people seeking a simple effective pill or diet aid to boost their weight loss.
  • The 30-day guarantee is not clearly explained on the official website.


The Burn ‘N Firm System is a complete cardio workout program with plenty of exercise options as well as tips for eating healthy at home and on the town. Creator Ashley Marriott is a personal trainer who lost 40 pounds herself so she can relate to average person trying to get in shape. All indications are that this is a fun way to exercise. However, it is primarily a fitness routine and not necessarily a weight loss tool. Many people reach the goal of improving their overall physical condition without losing significant weight. Dieters looking to maximize weight loss while increasing muscle tone and definition may want to consider adding a supplement if they use this product.

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