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Bushlore is a company based out of New Zealand which sells a number of herbal products. The company philosophy is based on the idea that the best approach to healing is to target the underlying cause rather than the symptoms of an illness. Bushlore uses herbs and plant products native to New Zealand in their product line, and derive many of their remedies from indigenous cultures.

The founders of Bushlore are Gregor and Merryn Robinson, herbalists from New Zealand. Gregor has been a teacher and healer in New Zealand, the United States and Canada for 20 years and is considered a leader in the area of Energy Field diagnostics.

Product Features

The Bushlore company appears to be run exclusively by its two founders.  According to various Internet sources,  “Bushlore products are made with native herbs that have been gathered, extracted, formulated and bottled by Gregor and Merryn Robinson in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Gregor himself is supposed to have tested over 50 native herbs to find out which ones were effective and created combinations of herbs to address various medical conditions. Because the New Zealand Ministry of Health has prohibited the advertising of any product not tested by them, Bushlore cannot legally list any ingredients online, nor can they make any claims as to what the products do. This lack of information makes it very difficult to determine if the herbal blends are effective or safe.

Bushlore carries only five products which they describe in the following manner:

Male- supports immune system response, prostate and male reproductive systems.

Weight – assists the digestive tract, thyroid and male/female hormone system.

Detox Immune – beneficial for the immune system and elimination.

Vital Energy – beneficial for the thyroid, adrenals and cardiovascular systems.

Female – assists hormone balance and the menstrual cycle for females at all stages of life.

Bushlore also does not posts any of their prices online.  Potential customers are instructed to e-mail the company with their own address and the products they are interested in and Bushlore will reply with a price quote. All transactions seem to be done via PayPal, there is no evidence that credit cards are accepted. There are no samples and no money back guarantees available from Bushlore.

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  • Bushlore uses all-natural, native New Zealand ingredients.


  • There is very limited information as to what each Bushlore product actually does.
  • Bushlore does not offer any research to back up the safety or effectiveness of their products.
  • There are no ingredients listed for any of Bushlores products.
  • Bushlore offers no trial samples or money back guarantees.


Bushlore is an herbal product provider based in New Zealand. Because of that country’s tight restrictions on how treatment products are advertised it is not possible for them to post any specifics about what their herbal blends do. This is a disadvantage to the company, which must compete with other Internet businesses that are free to provide more information to potentional buyers. The educated consumer knows to look for complete ingredient lists, as well as looking for clinical research that can shed real light on a product’s safety and effectiveness.

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    Why is there no reviews on side effects to bushlore, it would help user understand some of the things going on with them selves with out having to call or wait days for a response, some of us have busy lives and would like answers right away. It kinda making me think…