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Butts and Guts is an intense workout DVD from Cathe Friedrich. The workout focuses on the lower body and core muscles, thus the name Butts and Guts. This is not a beginner workout. It runs 78 minutes and includes standing and floor butt work and nearly 15 minutes of core exercises. There are two bonus workouts included on the DVD for abs and lower body. The DVD is available from the official Cathe Friedrich website for $26.99. The workouts require a stability ball and floor mat. Both are available from the website, though the prices for these items are higher from Cathe Friedrich than other websites.

List of Ingredients

Core and lower body workout – advanced.

Product Features

A dieter following the Butts and Guts workout DVD can expect to spend a rocking 78 minutes burning lower body and core muscles. Deadlift, lunges and squats are just three of the exercises heavy in the workout. These moves are hard on the joints. If a dieter has joint or back problems, this is not the workout for weight loss.

The testimonial/review section of the website expresses just how hard this workout is to complete. Several people complain about pain and difficulty walking after finishing. A few “workoutaholics” could not finish the DVD on the first, second or third try.

Working out is crucial to weight loss, but that does not mean killing yourself. Walking is a low-impact workout perfect for the beginner. There are beginner lower body and core workouts. Dieters should start out at a fitness level that increases heart rate but does not leave them breathless. Progression from beginner to intermediate and, eventually, advanced happens over time.

Butts and Guts is expensive, but dieters at an advanced fitness level love the video and Cathe Friedrich. Before starting this workout, make sure to gain approval from your doctor. Being overweight places pressure on the heart and heart rate can rise quickly to an unsafe level.

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  • Intense workout for lower body and core muscles.
  • Will increase calorie burn.
  • May help the dieter achieve weight loss goals.


  • Too advanced for many dieters.
  • The workout is hard enough to leave long-term fitness fanatics in pain.


It is dangerous for a beginner to push through a workout like Butts and Guts. Dieters need to find their personal fitness level and work up to Butts and Guts from there. It can take years of working out to achieve a level where this DVD is comfortable. There is no harm in walking through the motions and performing a much lower impact version. The cost is higher than most workout DVDs. There is no money-back guarantee listed in the product description.

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