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C-4 Fat Burner from Powerlab Nutrition claims that it is the “most advanced fat burner ever developed.” The manufacturer claims this supplement contains the strongest combination and dosage of fat burning ingredients ever.  C-4 Fat Burner promises to dramatically increase the user’s energy for supercharged workouts, as well as raising the body temperature for increased metabolism even after workouts.


Synephrine, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Caffeine, Guggul Lipid Extract, Bioperine, L-Tyrosine, Coleus Forskohlii, Vinpocetine, Evodiamine, Niacin, Magnesium Stearate and Gelatin.

Product Features

Powerlab Nutrition, the company behind C-4 Fat Burner, is a well-known name in the sports nutrition industry. The C-4 Fat Burner capsules seem to be geared towards serious athletes trying to eliminate nearly all body fat.  Based on this claim, this supplement is likely not the right choice for anyone looking to shed a few pounds or jumpstart a weight loss program. Having virtually no body fat is not only an unrealistic goal but one that is not particularly safe. In fact, safety does not seem to be the highest priority with the C-4 Fat Burner. One of its ingredients is synephrine, a product which is very similar to ephedra and has been singled out for some of the same reasons as that now banned product. There are also warnings against using synephrine with caffeine, something that Powerlab overlooked with this product. If these two facts are not enough to discourage the potential user, it should be pointed out that components like yohimbe bark can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness and evodiamine is a diuretic.  C-4 Fat Burner is available at a number of vitamin and bodybuilding supplement sites online. The list price is $59.99 for 120 capsules, but some sites sell for as low as $34.99, so it is best to look around if you are still determined to try this product.

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  • C-4 Fat Burner works on the principles of thermogenics.


  • C-4 Fat Burner includes a number of unsafe or untested ingredients.
  • Customer reviews for C-4 Fat Burner vary. Most reviewers say it works but give a list of side effects such as becoming too wired or too jittery.
  • There are no guarantees available for C-4 Fat Burner on any of the sites were it is available.


Powerlab’s claim that C-4 can eliminate all body fat are unrealistic and not medically wise. Some of the ingredients found in C-4 raise a number of safety concerns.  There are many products on the market that aim to help the consumer lose weight. The wise and informed consumer should make every effort to find one that will first do no harm. Look especially for products that contain a fat burner and an appetite suppressant with their metabolism booster. Avoid those that have things like diuretics which give the false impression of results. It is also smart to rely on research and customer reviews to verify the claims of the manufacturer. There are products out there that work, use care to find the one that works safely for you.

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    Honestly, you feel your body get warm and the caffeine is powerful. Definitely need to keep hydrated with this. I had lost 20 pounds in about 8 weeks while using this product, but those results are most likely due to my diet change rather than this product. It is pricey, but you definitely feel this thing working on your body. I would recommend this to someone who wants to try something different. With this in mind, I still feel like fat burner isn’t something needed to lose weight. Take pre-workout instead before a workout and then have the proper diet and there ya go.


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    Walter H Harrison

    Gonna give it a try—I am generally a modifies Atkins follower…But it’s so hard to maintain…and can be very constipating..I hope this stuff helps me-


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