Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra Review

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Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra claims to increase weight loss without stimulation. There are certain ingredients proven to increase weight loss and two of the most common have stimulating effects. While the ingredient label may not include the word caffeine, we are quite sure there will be a stimulant of some sort in the mix. The Xenadrine official website lists Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra complete with ingredient list. Dieters cannot take advantage of a free trial, but one is not offered.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra Blend – LipoCore: Frauenmantle Extract, Wild Olive Leaf Extract, Comino Seed Extract, Horsemint Leaf Extract. Thermodyne Complex: Para-amino-benzoic acid (PABA), Phytosterol Complex.

Product Features

We were wrong, there are no stimulants in Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra, but there are also no ingredients that will increase weight loss. Frauenmantle Extract is Alchemilla vulgaris and Alchemilla vulgaris is Lady’s Mantle – a plant. The plant has diuretic properties and may help ease gastrointestinal issues, but it will not increase weight loss.

Wild Olive Leaf Extract is often used to treat flu and flu-symptoms. Some websites state the ingredient is as powerful as prescription flu medications. Comino Seed Extract is cumin. Cumin is used to season food. There are claims that it can boost weight loss, but there is no proof of these claims. Horsemint Leaf Extract has been studied as an anti-fungal. Neither PABA nor phytosterols have an effect on weight loss.

In an attempt to make a caffeine-free product, Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra managed to create a weight loss product that will not boost weight loss at all. There are two studies referenced on the official website. Both are dedicated to the specific ingredients in Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra. In the first study, participants lost an average of 21 pounds taking the LipoCore portion of the supplement. The placebo group lost only two pounds. The second study included the Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra as a whole and dieters lost an average of 17 pounds. These numbers are far too high for the ingredients in this supplement to support. Interestingly, there are no links to where these studies are published.

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  • All ingredients listed online.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to increase weight loss.
  • The studies are likely funded by Xenadrine.
  • Cannot be purchased online.


We have reviewed worse diet supplements, but not many. The ingredients in Caffeine-Free Xenadrine Ultra are pretty much useless in terms of weight loss. The dieter can take this supplement with a reduced calorie plan, as the study participants did, and lose weight, but the weight loss will be linked to the reduced calorie diet not the supplement. Green tea is an effective weight loss ingredient as is chromium. Green tea can be decaffeinated and still offer some benefit.

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