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Callanetics is an “exercise method” that claims to assist women and men with weight reduction, cardiovascular health and overall fitness. This program was founded by Callan Pinckney back in the 1980′s and is stated to improve strength, body alignment and flexibility. Basically, Callanetics is an exercise that involves “precise positioning” and “tiny powerful movements.” The goal is to utilize specific muscle groups and cause more muscle fibers to be used. There are testimonials offered on the official website.

There are nine different Callanetics DVDs offered at this time via the official website. These are “The Callanetics Evolution,” “Cardio Callanetics,” “Super Callanetics,” “Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours,” “Beginning Callanetics,” “AM/PM Callanetics,” “Quick Callanetics-Legs,” “Quick Callanetics-Hips & Behind” and “Quick Callanetics-Stomach.” There do not appear to be any oral supplements involved with Callanetics. There is a link on the official website that allows you to “find a teacher” in your country. The Callanetics DVDs/programs do not appear to be offered with any sort of satisfaction guarantee. It is recommended that women and men who take advantage of Callanetics should do so six days per week, 65 minutes each day. The official website states that many people feel results after a mere hour, and see results after only one session. A specific diet plan is not recommended on the website.

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Callanetics is basically a form of exercise that is claimed to assist users with body alignment, weight loss, cardiovascular health, flexibility and overall strength. This system consists of “precise positioning” and “tiny powerful movements” that involve different muscle groups and cause them to work hard. All nine Callanetics DVDs can be acquired through the official website for $24.99 each. There are no oral supplements taken with the Callanetics program, nor is their a specific diet plan endorsed. No clinical evidence is presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Callanetics.

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  • All Callanetics DVDs can be easily and conveniently purchased through the official website.
  • Callanetics have been around since the 1980s and are suitable for both women and men.
  • There are testimonials posted on the official website.


  • There are no appetite suppressants incorporated into the Callanetics system.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any sort of 100% money-back/guarantee posted on the official Callanetics website.
  • There are no fat burners involved with the Callanetics program.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any clinical evidence presented on the official website supporting the overall effectiveness of Callanetics.
  • The Callanetics program may not be suitable for individuals who desire less of a lifestyle change or who are incapable of intense exercise.
  • There is no healthy diet plan recommended for use with this program on the official website.


In some ways the Callanetics system is unique. On the bright side, this daily work out program may assist some individuals with toning and improving strength. However, there are no supplements involved with Callanetics that aid with appetite suppression and/or fat burning. It would naturally be nice to see some real clinical data presented on the official website, along with a money-back guarantee for Callanetics DVDs. It’s smart to check out a variety of diet products, supplements and weight loss programs before simply selecting one like Callanetics.

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6 User Reviews about Callanetics

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    Yashica Harper

    Hi ladies, I am so excited to hear that there are those of you who have Callanetics, and claim it works…I recently ordered it the Callanetics: 10 years younger in 10 days…I have recently been diagnosed as obese…would you guys recommend it for someone 270lbs/sz 22? Do you have any tips? Do you think this will really work for me?


  • 2

    I love Callenetics and have done it for years. It works. Diet pills and diet supplements are not good health choices. Some supplements can help like a multi-vitamin, calcium, Vit D, CLA, Chromium but get advice from a qualified health care provider. Diet and excercise are the guarantees for weight loss. That always works. Get moving!


  • 3

    I think it’s unfair to say that an exercise program isn’t good because it doesn’t offer “magic pills”! Magic pills don’t work. Callanetics does. Plain and simple.



    I totally agree with Brooke. Appetite supresants and fat burners are even bad for you. Just eat more often and clean, that’s what you need to do if you want to lose weight. as of the clinical studies, well, there are lots of programs out there that don’t have a clinical study to back them up either and are sold like hot cakes. I personally have not tried Callanetics and even I just knew about it today, but would want to try it out. I’m just researching about it and sounds like a good idea for me. Also, not everything is for everybody, so you need to try it to find out and stick to it. If you dont stick to it, it won’t work. :-)



    I agree with Brooke as well. I have used this method for years. Went from a size 5 to a size 0 in one month. Do NOT do this method 6 times a week 2 times is sufficient for fast and effective results. Beware reviews from people who don’t try a method for goodness sakes. If you are looking for “magic” visit a plastic surgeon and don’t fall for the supplement angle. By the way, I have never seen an exercise video with a money back guarantee, how stupid is that…


  • 4

    I tried the Callanetics toning program years ago and noticed an amazing difference in just a couple months. I was so delighted I lent it to my friends. Now that I stopped I am looking for a replacement dvd to get on the workout again…..It works!!