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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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CalmSlim claims to be an all natural stimulant free fat burning supplement that will also support women’s health. We will take a closer look at the ingredients in the formula to determine if this product is able to live up its claims. With so many products on the market vying for your attention, it is easy to get caught up in the hype, but we will sort it out for you.

List Of Ingredients

CalmSlim contains the following ingredients: garcinia cambogia, chromium, white kidney bean, blackberry, gymnema sylvestre, cassia nomame, and green tea.

Product Features

There are several ingredients in CalmSlim, though not of them are highly regarded weight loss ingredients, with the potential exception of green tea. Garcinia cambogia is commonly used in weight loss formulas as a natural alternative to ephedra to help boost the body’s fat burning power, but it is not a stimulant. Chromium is commonly used to stabilize the blood sugar levels which helps prevent cravings. White kidney beans are in the formula for their carb blocking power. Blackberry has no relation to weight loss, so we are not sure why it would be in this formula. Gymnema sylvestre is a natural herb used to treat diabetes and is thought to help with cholesterol. Cassia nomame is lipase inhibitor which breaks down the fat in the body. Green tea contains EGCG, a chemical thought to help boost the metabolism and fat burning power of the body. It is a natural source of caffeine, though the product claims to have none. If the green tea in this formula has been decaffeinated for the sake of the formula, it removes much of the benefit of the ingredient. The formula claims to address women’s health issues as its angle, but there is nothing in the formula that suggests it will help women.

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  • The formula is all natural.


  • The list of ingredients is rather weak.
  • Nothing supports women’s health.
  • Only a few of the ingredients are scientifically proven.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.


CalmSlim costs $40 a bottle, and therefore is overpriced for what it offers users. We don’t recommend using this supplement as there are many others out there that are not only more cost effective, but produce more effective results. Look for supplements that contain proven ingredients in optimal amounts to produce results. To amp up your results, use the supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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