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Calorie King is a website that offers a free database of the caloric content, fat content, and other important dietary information about all sorts of food, ranging from restaurant delicacies to packaged entrees. It also offers a unique online diet program (registration is $7 per month), an offline calculator, and other tools for dieters, including books, scales, and pedometers. Calorie King is unique in that it is considered to offer the most accurate information about food and caloric intake, and the database is routinely updated to include new food not covered by their database. Their offline database is not free, but accessing the information online is free, making this a popular website for dieters on calorie restricted diets. Being aware of the calories and fat eaten plays a very important role in dieting, and Calorie King may offer some support in this area, although it is more limited than other programs.


Calorie King offers comprehensive information about calories, fat grams, and other important dietary information in numerous foods. It is considered the biggest database on the Internet for this purpose.

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Calorie King contains a plethora of information about a food’s caloric content and other dietary information pertinent to most diets, including sugar content, ingredients used to create the food (if it is processed), and dietary fiber. Being able to access this type of information may be useful for dieters on specific types of diets, such as calorie controlled diets or low carb diets. Their membership program also offers guided advice about how to lose weight, but is mostly restricted to a low calorie diet. Low calorie diets may offer some results, according to research, but this tends to ignore pre-existing health conditions, and should be monitored by a physician. Their offline service, which can be downloaded onto any computer, may also serve as an aid for dieters without Internet access. Although it’s informational database will not guide you to a diet if you are searching for one, it does provide some important information about the food you plan to consume.

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  • Contains important information about food content, including calories and fat.
  • Also offers an offline database for easy access.


  • Their diet program only offers a restrictive diet, which may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Only provides informational content. Access to their diet program requires monthly payment.


Calorie King offers a huge database of food information for dieters seeking basic information about sorts of food, and may serve as an important informational tool for dieters on specialized diets. Their diet program is considered restrictive, however, and may not be appropriate for all dieters. Nevertheless, the free access to their informational database may offer some support to dieters.

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    WJ Smith

    Purchased software for computer & Palm after being told that you could sync them. WRONG the programs only partially sync so if you truely want them the same you will have to enter information
    twice. Certainly not worth the pice you pay for 1 or both of the programs. Haven’t even looked at using the web ssite and probably won’t now


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