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The Calorie Restriction Diet is a term used to describe any diet that reduces caloric intake by 20% to 40% below the normal level. This diet has gained a bit of popularity in recent years. The diet is also referred to as the CRON Diet. CRON stands for calorie restriction with optimal nutrition and many people believe this lifestyle choice is about more than losing weight. According to some scientific animal studies, CRON diets may increase overall lifespan.


Calorie restricted diet with nutritional focus.

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There is no official website for the Calorie Restriction Diet. The process of restricting calories is more of a worldly idea than an idea credited to a specific person. There are two forms of Calorie Restriction. The most common is the healthy diet. When people reduce calorie intake in order to lose weight, they are restricting their calories. When caloric intake is reduced dramatically, as in the very low calorie diet, the restriction is more dramatic.

There are very few guidelines associated with the Calorie Restriction diet aside from the need to watch the nutritional levels in foods closely. The idea is to reduce overall calorie intake without compromising the nutritional balance of the body. Reducing caloric intake by 20% to 40% can be difficult due to the hunger associated with these Calorie Restriction Diets. In order to combat hunger, the Calorie Restriction Diet supports drinking water before every meal.

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  • Calorie restriction is the basis of all healthy diets.
  • Reducing calories leads to weight loss.
  • Increasing water intake is good for your health.
  • Water before meals can decrease hunger temporarily.


  • All diets are based on Calorie Restriction.
  • No appetite suppressants are used to decrease the feeling of need for food.
  • No fat burner is included to increase metabolism.
  • Exact supplements are not discussed.


Reducing overall calorie intake is the basis of every successful diet on earth. The severe restriction of calories can lead to the yo-yo dieting that is so common in weight loss today. When reducing calories by 20% to 40% as is common with the Calorie Restriction Diet, the dieter will need to include an appetite suppressant in order to battle the hunger pains associated with the sharp calorie reduction.

In addition to the drastic calorie reduction, the dieter will need to watch their nutritional levels, fat intake and vitamin intake very closely which can be difficult for the dieter over time. Instead of the drastic reduction in calories associated with this plan, we tend to support the use of supplements and healthy eating choices for weight loss.

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    I have been doing a calorie restricted diet program in Orlando fl called Medi-Weightloss Clinics. I had never heard of calorie restricted diets before this but a doctor recommended me to it since you see a regular MD. They do give an appetite suppressant to help with hunger but it has been the only thing that has taught me enough to keep the weight off. I could talk about all the diets I have tried and how this compared to them for days. I definitely would recommend this type of program to anyone. Best would be to find a doctor in your area who can help with the diet plan, accountability and maybe give an appetite suppress. I lost 40 pounds my first two months doing this and never felt better!


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    where do i find the information that shows how many calories each food source is?



    Calorie King is a great website