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Calories Per Hour is a website dedicated to providing information and support for those seeking lasting weight loss. Created by Peter Christensen, a career technical writer who specializes in data gathering, this website aims to be a comprehensive knowledge base covering all areas of interest to the consumer looking for healthy weight loss resources.

Product Features

Calories Per Hour is a web resource for those researching weight loss and healthy living. The site was created by a career technical writer, Peter Christensen, researching information on calories burned during various activities. Finding the existing information inadequate, he designed Calories Per Hour to fill the void. The online site includes a number of resources, most notably the Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial. This feature is aimed as providing a knowledge to help the consumer make lifestyle changes. Also on site are a Food Calculator which will measure calories and nutrition for foods from the grocery store, fat food chains and restaurants.

Other resources include an Activity Calculator fulfilling the original intent to determine calories burned in almost any physical activity, and a Weight Loss Calculator which will help the user to know how many calories you have to burn a day to reach your weight loss goal. Calories Per Hour includes Weekly Newsletters and Forums, as well as a very limited section on products recommended for weight loss and lifestyle change. The Calories Per Hour website can be accessed without membership fees and has links to a number of other resources.

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  • The Calorie Per hour website offers information on diet and weight loss, as well as nutrition and exercise.
  • The Calorie Per Hour website includes a number of helpful weight loss aids, including calculators, newsletters and forums.


  • The Calorie Per Hour website offers a very incomplete list of recommended supplements and diet aids.


There is a popular saying “Knowledge is power” and it is one that the consumer looking for effective weight loss tools should heed. The more a consumer knows, about the products and choices open to them as they seek to achieve a healthy weight, the better they are able to make the safe, wise decisions as to what would work best for them. The Calories Per Hour website does provide a good deal of data on weight loss and healthy lifestyle, in that respect they are a fine resource. However, they have a very limited section on supplements and diet aids. It is all fine and good to say that lasting weight maintenance is achieved through lifestyle changes; but to ignore the fact that some consumers achieve changes with the help of a proven supplement is unrealistic. For some who seek weight loss, the best choice is to add a fat burner or appetite suppressant to any lifestyle changes you attempt. Recognizing this and making related information available to those consumers is a big part of providing a complete weight loss picture.

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    how many calories can you burn on a tony little gazelle