CalTrap Calorie Inhibitor Review

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CalTrap Calorie Inhibitor is a revolutionary diet and weight loss product. Rather than taking a supplement, this product is a powder that is sprinkled on the food before you eat it. The powder claims to be able to stop your body from absorbing up to 25% of the calories you eat, and therefore take in less calories. When you take in less calories, you can lose weight. We will take a closer look at this product to determine if it is a good investment for those who are looking to lose a few pounds.

List Of Ingredients

A full list of ingredients is not known, but from third party sources we have gathered that a serving contains 503 milligrams of Konnyaku root powder.

Product Features

Konnyaku root powder contains glucomannan. Glucomannan is all natural and used in many weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant. It works by swelling up in the body when it is taken with water. As it swells, it fills the stomach, and therefore creates a feeling of fullness. We do not see how it will absorb the calories from the food someone eats, but it could effectively cause people to eat less because they feel fuller.

About a quarter of a teaspoon of the powder is sprinkled on to your food before you eat. As you eat, the flavorless powder will not alter the taste of your food. It is advised to sprinkle it on each bite, rather than sprinkling it on your whole plate of food. It should not be used with liquid based meals such as soup or cereal, but it can be used on all three meals a day.

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  • This requires no dietary changes.


  • Though there is a free trial offer, it requires enrollment into an automatic shipment program.
  • This product may cause unwanted side effects such as constipation.
  • This product will absorb calories, regardless of whether or not the food is healthy for you.
  • This product is not the only “sprinkle diet” product out there, and may not work as well as it claims to.


This product does not advocate the change of diet or a regular exercise program. It may be a good way to jump start a diet, but should not replace a healthier diet and exercise program. The supplement contains no fat burners, and though it does contain an appetite suppressant, it does not claim to suppress the appetite. We recommend you try a fat burning or appetite suppression supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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