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CalTrap is a weight reduction product that comes in the form of a powder. Hence the official pitch for this product, “sprinkle away calories.” It sells via the official website for a retail cost of $29.95 (now on sale for $19.95). This product is consumed with food and then swells in the stomach. When the food particles combine with CalTrap, a type of “viscous gel” forms. This is to trap the consumed food and pass it through the intestines, so it can be expelled from the body “safely” which means that it won’t be absorbed as fat and cause additional weight gain.

CalTrap reduces the user’s cholesterol, cleanses the colon, removes 25 percent of the calories from food, and regulated blood sugar. When utilizing a supplement like CalTrap, there’s no need to change your diet or adopt a serious fitness regimen. The primary active ingredient found in this weight loss product is not revealed in detail (some kind of fiber). There are some descriptive photos of the CalTrap digestion process presented on the website. This dietary supplement has no scent of flavor. Therefore it can be added to all of the user’s favorite foods without affecting the taste.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

CalTrap is a “fiber” product that’s added to all kinds of food to potentially aid in the weight loss process. This substance does not contain any fat burners or components that assist with thermogenesis. Clinical research is not posted to support this diet supplement but there is a 30-day free trial offered on the website.

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  • CalTrap can be acquired directly through the official website.
  • This dietary supplement comes in the form of a powder.
  • CalTrap is tasteless and odorless.


  • No real clinical proof is provided to support its effectiveness.
  • There are no fat burning or thermogenesis-oriented ingredients incorporated into CalTrap.


CalTrap is essentially a fiber supplement. This weight loss product does not contain any proven fat-burning ingredients or components that aid thermogenesis. Before buying a weight loss product like CalTrap you should gather some additional information on a series of other supplements that can assist with fat reduction.

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