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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan is a program that aims to allow the user to eat familiar, convenient foods in order to lose weight. Created by the Campbell’s Center for Nutrition & Wellness and the Campbell’s Kitchen, the plan maintains that “it is not about sacrifices, it’s about satisfaction.” By following the National Institutes of Health guidelines for safe, gradual weight loss, The Campbell’s Soup for Life contends that it is flexible and backed by the trusted Campbell’s Soup name.

Product Features

Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan, designed by the Campbell’s Center for Nutrition & Wellness, is an internet based diet program which centers around usitn soup as a weight loss tool. The plan is based on research that shows eating soup is an effective way for cutting back on calorie intake. According to research people who had soup at the beginning of a meal consumed an average of 100 less calories than those who did not eat soup; soup eaters also decreased their calories at other meals and stated that they felt soup was an important part of their weight loss routine. The Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan includes a bowl of soup every day, and features recipes made with Campbell’s Soups. The web program follows three steps. Step 1 is setting goals; the website provides a Body Mass Index chart and a BMI calculator to help the user determine a healthy goal weight. Step 2 aids in determining “your calorie level” – most people will fall in the 1,200 calorie range which is standard for a diet. And lastly, Step3 is utilizing the prepared “30 days of recipes” or tailoring the plan to your taste with the “7-day planner.” Either way expect lots of meal centering on either Campbell’s Soup or recipes made from Campbell’s Soup. The plan and all of the menu plans and recipes are free to download from the internet.

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  • The Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan website offers information on a variety of low-fat and reduced fat products.
  • Calorie Control Council website includes helpful “calculators” and other weight loss aids.
  • Soup has been shown to be effective in aiding weight loss.


  • The Campbell’s Soup Plan is an advertisement for Campbell’s Soups, so meals center on that product.
  • Some canned soups are high in sodium.
  • Many dieters may not find soup to be an adequate, filling meal.


The Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan presented online is a nice tool for those seeking to lose a bit of weight. The promotional information for the program describes users as successfully losing 14 pounds per year, so it is not really for those who need to lose a substantial amount, or those looking to lose a few pounds quickly. The reliance on soup as meals does make the program easy and low maintenance so it might be something to consider using as an additional tool to your other weight loss efforts. Or the consumer could opt for this program and consider adding in a supplement to “jump start” the reduction process. A product with the two key elements of fat burner and appetite suppressant would be a way to make the Campbell’s Soup for Life Plan even more effective.

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