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Candigone is a health supplement intended to cleanse the body of yeast and prevent overgrowth of candida albicans. Candigone is produced by ReNew Life, a company based in Florida that also produces herbal cleansing supplements, fiber supplements, probiotic supplements, enzymes, fish oil supplements, health supplements for children and health supplements for dogs. Candigone was formulated by Brenda Watson, a clinical nurse consultant and president of ReNew Life Formulas and the founder of natural healthcare clinics specializing in internal cleansing and detoxification. The official website for this product offers this as a two-part cleansing program for $35.99. ReNew Life also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on any unused portion of this product. There are no free samples offered


Candigone is one of several cleansing supplements intended to rid the body of candida albicans, a naturally occurring digestive yeast can cause several health issues if it becomes overgrown. The symptoms from candida albicans that Candigone claims to treat include: insomnia, joint and muscle pain, persistent gas and bloating, recurrent bladder infections, recurrent vaginal yeast infections, sinus problems, sugar cravings, bad breath, blurred vision, brain fog, chemical sensitivity, fatigue, mood problems, food sensitivities and allergies.

The are no warnings for this product posted on retailers’ website that offer this product, so customers should research each ingredient carefully and consult their medical doctor before using any health supplement.

List of Ingredients

Uvi ursa extract leaf, garlic bulb, caprylic acid, grapefruit extract seed, pau d’arco extract root and bark, undecylenic acid, barberry extract root, neem extract leaf, olive leaf, berberine sulphate, oregano leaf, orange peel, Oregon grape root, cinnamon bark, clove bud, peppermint leaf, filtered water, ethyl alcohol.


Product Features

Candigone is available for purchase from the official website for $35.99. At the time of writing this article, they were sold online for $8 to $21.50.


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  • Uses vegetable capsules are suitable for vegetarians.
  • ReNew Life offers a 60-day money-back guarantee of this product.
  • Positive reviews of this product are available on the official website and on other websites.
  • Candigone is affordable and readily available through the official website and several online retailers.




  • There are no free samples of this product.
  • There is no list of possible side effects of product available online, so users will have to research the side effects of each ingredient individually.



Candigone is one of several cleansing health supplements available that claim to help rid the body of an overgrowth of yeast. While the effectiveness of any of these products is debatable, it is easily available online through its official website and is offered with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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    Absolutely terrible review. You didn’t describe any of the effects it had on you positive or negative. It’s almost as if you just reviewed their website, not the actual product. And why was the compared to weight loss products? That isn’t what this is for….