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Caraslim Plus is a diet supplement manufactured by Rocky Mountain Herbs. The powdered formula is a mixture of 100% Caralluma Fimbriata, taken from a cactus-like plant which is native to India, and natural Green Tea Extract. For years Caralluma Fimbriata has been used by the people of India as a conventional treatment for conditions ranging from high blood pressure to lack of energy as in chronic fatigue. Caraslim Plus Powdeer claims it is an effective appetite suppressant as well. Now this powder, which is available as an alternative to Hoodia Gordonii’ is “Hollywood’s hottest new way” to get slim quick.


100% Caralluma Fimbriata Powder, Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

Caraslim Plus in made by Rocky Mountain Herbs, a company that makes mostly extracts and single blend products. There is very little content about Caraslim Plus powder on the official website. The company does make another formula called Caraslim, which is almost identical to this one except it comes in capsule form and doesn’t contain Green Tea Extract. This is presumably the “plus” in the name. The usage instructions maintain that taking Caraslim Plus prior to meals will interfere with the digestive process which leads to the production of body fat. No information is offered as to how this is accomplished. The ingredients in Caraslim Plus don’t offer any clues. Caralluma Fimbriata Powder is most often marketed as “fake Hoodia” so it is safe to assume it is an appetite suppressant of some sort. Green Tea Extract does increase energy and reduces the appetite, although it seems to be added here as a way of setting Caraslim Plus powder apart from its Caraslim capsule form. Consumers who might want to buy this product can find it for about $15.00.

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  • Caraslim Plus contains all natural ingredients.


  • Caraslim Plus does not contain any proven fat burners or metabolism boosters.
  • Caraslim Plus is only available in a powdered form.
  • There are no customer testimonials or before-and-after client picture for Caraslim Plus.
  • Caraslim Plus does not offer free trials or satisfaction guarantees.


Caraslim Plus seems to basically be the powdered form of another product sold by Rocky Mountain Herbs. Although Caraslim Plus does add Green Tea Extract, giving it some credibility as an appetite suppressant, it comes in a less convenient powder form. Neither product comes with enough of a description to give the consumer confidence that it will accomplish its promises. When searching for a formula to act as a dietary aid, consumers want to be confident that the product they purchase will do what it promises. Nothing in the presentation of Caraslim Plus gives the consumer that confidence. With no scientific research behind it, no customers reviews, and a very vague description of its usage, there is no reason to recommend Caraslim Plus.

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