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Carb Away Phase 2 claims that by using their product the consumer will be able to eat all the carbohydrates they want without worry, the fat never get a chance to make it to your hips, it is simply flushed from the system. Carb Away Phase 2 promises to balance the body’s sugar intake while producing more usable energy, thus preventing fat from being stored in the body.


Northern White Kidney Bean, Green Teas Extract, Bitter Melon Fruit, Licorice root, Ginger root, Stearic acid, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Carb Away Phase 2 is what is generally termed a Carb blocker. It offers no claims to help the consumer eat less or burn more fat, rather it promises that any carbohydrates you do eat will be “blocked” from absorption and leave the body before becoming fat. Possibly because of this “eat all you want” philosophy these types of formulas rarely contain fat burners or appetite suppressants. Although Carb Away Phase 2 does contain Green Tea Extract which in correct amounts can boost energy and improve metabolism. It is not possible to tell if there is enough Green Tea in this formula to have that effect as there are no amounts listed for the ingredients.

The main active ingredient is White Kidney Bean Extract which is said to inhibit the ability of the enzyme Alph-amylase to breakdown starches into sugars, the starches are “blocked” and removed from the system during excretion. As of yet there is no evidence that White Kidney Bean Extract actually does this.

There are a few components in the formula which regulate blood sugar – Magneisum and Bitter Melon Fruit – possibly relying on the idea that if blood sugar remains stable the user won’t have cravings. However, cravings while dieting have many different sources and an actual proven appetite suppressant would have been nice. Carb Away Phase 2 is sold on a few websites online for around $29.95 for 60 tablets. The consumer is told to take two tablets before each high carbohydrate meal, which could mean as many as six per day.

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  • Carb Away contains some healthy ingredients such as Green Tea extract , Magnesium and Ginger.


  • Carb Away does not disclose the specific amounts of the ingredients in its formula.
  • There does not appear to be any proven fat burners or appetite suppressants in the Carb Away Phase 2 formula.
  • Carb Away Phase 2 does not offer free trials or satisfaction guarantees.


Carbohydrate blockers, such as Carb Away Phase 2, have been attempted a number of times. But even with the number of this type product on the market there is yet to be any clinical research to prove that they work. Their popularity is due to the idea that they enable the consumer to eat all they want with no consequences. Perhaps that is why formulas such as this very rarely contain an appetite suppressant. The makers of Carb Away Phase 2 would have their customers believe that the body will automatically excrete fat, due to the power of Kidney Bean Extract to keep that fat from being broken down in digestion. However, there is simply no evidence to prove this, and inhibiting a vital enzymatic function seems like a risky way to achieve weight loss. Individuals who are looking for an effective supplement should concentrate on a formula that is well rounded, including a fat burner, an appetite suppressant and an energy booster. Utilizing a complete capsule with proven results is much better than the “wishful thinking” approach offered by the Carb blocker market.

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