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For those times when you can’t say “no” to lasagna, bagels, or pancakes, there’s Carb Block a “revolutionary new product” that can “block” calories in carbohydrates being taken into your body each day. When you shut out carbohydrates there is no need to worry about the “sugar rush” that comes after meals. You can have your low carb diet and eat cake too!


Magnesium, Phaseolin EX, Gymnemalin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Picolinate, Chromium Polynicotinate, Vanadium.

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You can eat without guilt! So says Carb Block, a “revolutionary new product” that will prevent carbs and sugar from being absorbed into you body, eliminating the insulin surges that follow meals and snacking without worry. What is in this “revolutionary” product that asserts it will put an end to the need for restraint? The same ingredients that are in a dozen other “carbohydrate blockers” on the market under names like “Carb Cutter” or “Carb Zapper.” These ingredients are: Phaseolin EX – otherwise know as White Kidney Bean Extract, Gymnemalin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium and Vanadium. Phaseolin EX is supposed to interrupt the actions of the enzyme responsible for carbohydrate digestion; Gymnemalin and Chromium act on insulin levels to reduce surges in blood sugar; Vanadium and alpha-lipoic acid are supposed to help your body regulate glucose. Carb Block claims these components make it a “comprehensive product” which will to let you cheat while sticking with your diet plan. The problem with this promise is that there is no real clinical research to bear out the claims. In addition, there are next to no positive customer reviews to be found, and a lack of guarantees on any sites where it is sold. Although Car Block is relatively inexpensive – 60 tablets can be purchased for as low as $17.50 – there is reason to question rather that cost is a real bargain.

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  • Carb Block contains some healthy ingredients such as Chromium and Magnesium.


  • Carb Block in a standard formula trying to pass itself off as “new & unique.”
  • There do not appear to be any appetite suppressants or metabolism boosters in the Carb Block formula.
  • There are no positive customer testimonials available for Carb Block.
  • Carb Block does not offer free trials or money back guarantees.


Dieting is not easy. It would be great if there was a formula that could guarantee that you could cheat without any cause to worry about excess gain. But so far there is no evidence that this is true. Products like Carb Block hope that by repackaging an existing mix of ingredients and calling it “revolutionary” they will convince some consumers to give their product a try. When in the market for a diet aid, the first thing to look for is “too good to be true” claims. If a product is selling a fantasy you’d be wise not to buy; what you want is a product that is backed by clinical research, one that the manufacturer feels comfortable enough to offer you a free trial or a money back guarantee. And it is always smart to look for a formula that has a combination of ingredients – fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolism booster – that work together to help you achieve your goals.

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