Carb Blocker Reviews

Carb Blocker Review
Carbohydrates: we all love them. Even if we are on a diet we still eat them. That’s why we want a carb blocker, so we can eat what we want without gaining the pounds! Over the last few years low carb diets have grown in popularity—even many restaurants have ‘low-carb options’ on their menus.

So, how does the human body use carbs, and how does a carb blocker work? Carbohydrates are the substances your body uses to make glucose which is the fuel to keep you going. There are basically two types of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates which are sugars and sweeteners found in many processed products, and complex carbohydrates which are found in grains, fruits and vegetables, and in many dairy products. Carbohydrates are a necessary part of the diet. The problem is, without the proper amounts of fiber to quickly move carbs out of the system, they stay for a reeeaally long time—usually on the hips or belly!

A carb blocker, once known as a starch blocker, works very similarly to fiber. It quickly moves the carbs out of the body to keep it from absorbing them. How does this process work? Carb-blocking supplements usually are made of an extract of Phaseolus Vulgaris—or simply kidney beans! A low-carb diet can produce similar results, so says a Harvard study. Diet pills with this extract block the enzyme alpha-amalase (produced in the saliva) from binding with starches and breaking them down into molecules the body will absorb. These products block that process so the carbs will move quickly out of the body without being absorbed. Of course these blockers will work much better if you eat a low carb diet while taking the supplement.

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