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If you are not currently on a certain diet plan, but are looking to shed a few extra pounds, then it is time to get in the game. Currently there are so many different potential weight loss solutions to choose from. An example of this is the Carb Cycling Diet, which is a book that teaches men and women how to drop fat, increase muscle mass and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The author of this book is a medical doctor and exercise psychologist by the name of Roman Malkov. He is also a nutritional consultant and works with the Russian National Athletic Team.

The Carb Cycling Diet is a 288-page text that focuses on improving your health, but without discarding all of the foods and snacks you enjoy eating. This particular diet plan goes head to head with the high-protein diets like South Beach and Atkins. The point of the Carb Cycling Diet is that you can still lose body fat, but without giving up carbohydrates. Instead of actually ruling out carbs, the user will consume a normal amount of carbs one day and then a reduced amount the following day, and so on. This way the body gets the nourishment and energy it requires, but no weight is supposed to be gained in the process. This is apparently a common diet plan of athletes.

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The Carb Cycling Diet is one of many contemporary weight loss plans geared toward men and women with excess body fat to lose. As opposed to many high-protein diets offered today, this plan involves getting the food you crave, but in limitations that are realistic. The Carb Cycling Diet text sells through websites like for around $50-60. Fortunately there are some reviews posted on this website for consumers to review prior to buying the book. Other than helping with the reduction of body fat, the Carb Cycling Diet is claimed to support lean muscle and improve overall health.

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  • The Carb Cycling Diet is not one of the many high-protein diet plans that rule out the consumption of carbohydrates (this will please some individuals).
  • There are numerous reviews posted for this text on where it is sold.


  • The Carb Cycling Diet book is kind of expensive at $50-60.
  • There are no convenient supplements offered with the book to aid with fat reduction.
  • There are so many of these diet books available these days, which makes it difficult to determine which one is actually suitable.


In regards to the Carb Cycling Diet book, this text is unique in the sense that it is not another high-protein/no carbohydrate kind of book. Naturally this will please some individuals who prefer to keep eating carbs, but want to shed excess body fat in the process. On the other hand, for those that desire a more direct supplement formula that’s taken daily to help with weight loss, you may want to check out what all is out there before purchasing a text like the Carb Cycling Diet.

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    Dixie Ramirez

    I watched the show today re: the carb recycling and Dr. Oz said the recipes would be on his website but I cannot find them. Can you help? Thank you!