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Carb DynamX claims that it is not an appetite suppressant or a stimulant but a “revolutionary Carbohydrate Management System” which is designed to control blood sugar levels and prevent fat storage. Carb DynamX maintains that it does this by helping the body process carbohydrates more effectively and by helping to minimize the storage of fat in the cells. It is also designed to support healthy blood sugar levels, eliminating cravings.


Umbrella Arum Root, Glucomannan, Recemic Alpha Lipoic Acid, R-Isomer ALA, Corosolic Acid, Biotin, Chromium, Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Carb DynamX promises to aid in weight loss by acting to enhance carbohydrate utilization. Unlike a thermogenic formula which raises the body temperature and promotes increased fat burning, this product will not boost metabolism. What is does claim to do is have an effect on blood sugar and fat storage. However, an extensive search of the internet could not turn up a single place where Carb DynamX was listed or sold which would go into any details as to how it planned to accomplish this. A look into the ingredients was equally unhelpful.

Two of them, Corosolic Acid and R-Isomer ALA, are believed to regulate blood sugar although exactly how that will keep carbohydrates from remaining in the body is not explained. Recemic Alpha Lipoic is an antioxidant which aids in overall good health. Chromium and Biotin both do work with the body’s metabolic functions, but again there is no way of knowing how they help in this formula. The remaining two ingredients Umbrella Arum Root and Glucomannan turn out to be highly concentrated forms of fiber. Both are described as “swelling in the stomach” when they come in contact with liquid in order to create a feeling of fullness. During the internet search of Carb DynamX we came across the warning that “taking this product without adequate water may cause it to swell and block the throat and esophagus.” The presence of this high dose of fiber may be what the product is relying on to be an effective weight loss aid. It’s hard to say with so little information forthcoming from the makers. Carb DynamX is available on a number of online sites. Its retail price is listed as $39.95 for 120 capsules, but a search was able to uncover prices as low as $18.98.

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  • Carb DynamX does not contain stimulants, so it is suited for anyone who is caffeine sensitive.


  • Carb DynamX does not contain any proven fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • Because Carb DynamX affects blood sugar levels, it should not be taken by anyone with a blood sugar imbalance.
  • There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee for Carb DynamX, nor are any free trials offered.
  • Carb DynamX is an extremely high fiber product which must be taken with a full 16 ounces of water to avoid complications.


Carb DynamX makes a few exaggerated claims about its place in the weight loss market. While it may assist in regulating blood sugar, which in turn may help the consumer avoid the high carbohydrate crash that leads to snacking, there is nothing in the formula which stands out as a way to change to way the body treats carbohydrates. The formula does not contain any recognizable fat burners or appetite suppressants. The primary weight loss benefits would seem to come counting on fiber to cut the amount of food the consumer eats. In addition to very little product information, there is no clinical evidence offered as to the effectiveness of Carb DynamX, nor are there any customer before and after photos or testimonials in evidence online. As the company does not seem to offer any free trials to test the suitability of this product for use, the consumer looking for a proven weight loss product which offers realistic and measurable goals – backed up by data and scientific research, would do best to look elsewhere.

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