Carb Eliminator Triple Action Review

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Carb Eliminator Triple Action claims to have a special design which puts it ahead of other “carbohydrate blockers” on the market. It maintains that it doesn’t just reduce the amount of carbs taken in by the body; it also aims to extinguish hunger and give the user an energy boost without the usual negative stimulant effects. With starchy carbohydrates making up more of the diet than ever, Carb Eliminator Triple Action promises you can enjoy your favorite foods without the added pounds.


Phaseolamin 2250 (White Kidney Bean Extract), Yerba Mate, Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Green Tea, Banaba Leaf, Fenugreek Seed, Bitter Orange, Bromelain, peptizyme, papain, Vitamin C, Chromium, Magnesium,Gelatin.

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Carbohydrates are looked at as a major factor in obesity; our favorite foods are the enemy. Carb Eliminator Triple Action claims it can solve that problem – reduce the carbs taken in by the body, lose the weight. Carb Eliminator maintains it uses a special “Triple Action” recipe to block the transfer of starchy carbs to blood sugar. This action supposedly wipes out 2250 calories every meal in addition to providing an energy jolt and freedom from cravings. Unfortunately there is nothing in the “triple” formula that we haven’t seen before. White Bean is the key ingredient in about 75% of “carb blocker” despite there being no hard evidence that it works. Yerba Mate and Bitter Orange are here for energy without side effects, but both are stimulants with warnings of jitters and sleeplessness attached. The manufacturers of Carb Eliminator Triple Action recognized that most people find these products incomplete and tried to address that. But what they came up with was an unnecessarily cluttered formula. This Carb Eliminator product can be purchased online, it’s about $20.00 for 90 capsules; the manufacturers recommend 3 capsules each use so if taken before each meal a bottle lasts 10 days.

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  • Carb Eliminator Triple Action aims to be a complete formula, not just a “carb blocker.”
  • This formula contains healthy components like Green Tea, Magnesium, Chromium and Vitamin C.


  • Carb Eliminator Triple Action relies on typical, but unproven ingredients.
  • This product gives a false sense that eating fewer carbohydrates is not important.
  • The formula for Carb Eliminator Triple Action contains a lot of ingredients with the same purpose.


Carb Eliminator Triple Action is a step up from most standard “carbohydrate neutralizers.” It aims to not just address the carbs taken in but also to provide an appetite suppressant and energy booster. Unfortunately, it relies on a lot of the same unproven ingredients found in other “carb blockers.” In addition, the formula seems cluttered with ingredients that do the same thing. With a diet supplement you want a product that is effective but that doesn’t add unnecessary ingredients. When searching for a diet aid, look for a simple formula with strong, proven ingredients over flashy exotic sounding mixtures.

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