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Carb Erase is owned by Fitness Labs Nutrition Corporation is California. Fitness Labs Nutrition Corporation specializes in dietary supplements to aid in weight loss. gives you direct links to articles and product information, a toll free number for ordering and a link to their distribution website,


The only active ingredient listed in Carb Erase is Northern White Kidney Bean Extract, also known as Phase 2 or phaseolamin. Phase 2 is said to neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it converts starch to glucose for storage within the body. There are no chemicals used during the extraction phase, only water. Additional inactive ingredients include: gelatin, silicone Dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

This product is intended to help lower the absorption rate of carbohydrates in the body. It helps to make sure the carbs are passed from the body before they are absorbed and stored as body fat, this can help use up the fat that is already being stored instead of adding to it and adding pounds. Two capsules are said to be able to neutralize and 2,250 starch calories which is equal to the amount of starch calories in one pound of pasta! This product has been shown to be a valuable tool for those trying to lose weight and for those who tend to consume too many starches. This product may be especially helpful and beneficial to those who are on an “Atkins” type diet. With the added benefit of storing less of the already limited carbohydrate intake this can make your diet more effective than reducing carbs on your own. Two double blind studies add to the attractiveness of this product the first states that people on the product averaged a 79% less absorption rate than those on a placebo and imbibing the same foods; the second says that people using this product lost an average of 6.45 pounds in 30 days, where those in the placebo group lost less than one pound.

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  • The 100% natural formula is enticing.
  • The small price of only $15 per 90 capsule bottle equates to $0.17 per serving!
  • The health benefits may be worthwhile to someone so overweight they are nearing obesity and diabetic complications


  • The price is so low due to a 50% off sale.
  • If you are taking 2 pills each time you eat, and the price goes back to normal, you may end up with more cost than is acceptable.
  • No natural supplements are monitored by the FDA you take them at your own risk.


Same product, same claims. So many of these products are so very alike it is almost unnerving to say the least. At this low price, I would be interested in attempting this carb blocker, to put to bed whether or not it actually helps with weight loss, or weight management. At least at this low a price if it doesn’t work I won’t be out half a car payment and still overweight to boot.

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    I m breast feeding and I wanted to know will any of the ingredients in this hurt my child while breast feeding?