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Carb Helper, from the Bodyshaping products line, promises to allow the user to “enjoy the foods you love” without suffering through the weight gain often associated with a carbohydrate rich diet. Pasta, bagels, potatoes are all still on the menu with Carb Helper! Simply take Carb Helper with water before your meals that contain starchy foods. That’s all! Carb Helper will block the enzyme which breaks carbohydrates down into stored body fat. By reducing the ability of the body to retain starch calories, Carb Helper maintains that it allows them to pass through the system without doing harm to your waist.

List of Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract, Magnesium, Gelatin, Silica.

Product Features

Carb Helper makes the claim that you can “still enjoy” the high carbohydrate foods that you love without the weight gain that most people associate with starchy comfort foods like pasta, potatoes and rice. Carb Helper is from the Bodyshaping company, which carries a number of other weight loss related products. There seems to be only one retailer selling Carb Helper and the other Bodyshaping products online, and this is the only information they give as far as the product goes, so it really is hard to determine how the product functions. Users are instructed to take 2 capsules before “high carbohydrate” meals, and the ingredients include “White Kidney Bean Extract” so one can only assume that this is another “carbohydrate blocker” that is supposed to affect the digestive enzymes, so that atarchy foods are not absorbed into the body to be stored as fat. Carb Help is very inexpensive, 60 capsules cost $7.99, a price which might make the consumer question the quality of the product.

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  • Carb Helper has no yeast, corn, milk, eggs, gluten. Starch. Artificial Color or flavors, so it will not affect those who suffer from many common allergies.


  • Carb Helper has no official website, very little web presence and seems to only be available at one online retailer.
  • Carb Helper is suspiciously cheap.
  • There is no evidence offered to back up the claims made by Carb Helper.


There are literally dozens of carbohydrate blocks on the market. Carb Help is just one more. There is very little effort by the makers to try and convince the consumer that this product is superior to other White Kidney Bean based formulas. Perhaps they are relying on the rock bottom price to pull in customers – although the wise shopper knows that most “bargain basement” products give discount results. It’s probably a good idea to skip this one. While the consumer has every right to a reasonably priced product, they also want one with proven ingredients – a recognizable fat burner and an appetite suppressant; and they should look for a product that is clearly presented as to what is does and how.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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