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Carb Matrix is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Global Nutrition Sciences Inc, a company in Colorado whose founder and CEO is Josh Bezoni, a nutritionist. Carb Matrix claims to reduce body fat storage, improve blood sugar balance and reduce carbohydrate absorption. The official website is currently under construction, however this product is still available from other online retailers for $60 per bottle and online auction sites for $29.95 per bottle. None of these retailers offer any guarantees or free trials, but there are numerous complaints on several websites that the official website for this product has used deceptive marketing of “free trials” to lure customers into unsuspectingly signing up for expensive monthly shipments of GNS’s diet products.

According to the marketing used to advertise this product, Carb Matrix will “neutralize” carbohydrates “so you don’t have to totally stop eating those mouth-watering foods like candy bars, ice cream, donuts, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, white bread, mashed potatoes, and sugary cereals.” The marketing claims it can do this by blocking enzymes that transform carbs into fat, and also by improving the body’s natural ability to turn carbs into energy. There is no sign of evidence that these claims are true.


The suggested dosage for Carb Matrix is not given from the online retailers where it is sold. There are no warnings or contraindications given for this product, so customers would need to carefully research all ingredients for possible side effects before using.

List of Ingredients

Biotin (Vitamin B-Complex), Chromium, Phaseolus Vulgaris (aka green beans), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gymnema Sylvestre, and Corosolic Acid.


Product Features

This product contains some vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial to the health, but customers should check with a physician before taking this product, as it may contain harmful amounts of chromium or other ingredients.


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  • Carb Matrix contains vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial.
  • Carb Matrix can be purchase from at least two websites.



  • The diet that is suggested with this product (eating simple carbs with abandon) is not a healthy diet plan.
  • There is no regular fitness regimenencouraged with Carb Matrix.
  • There are no free samples of Carb Matrix available.
  • There are no customer reviews of Carb Matrix available other than unhappy customers who thought they were ordering “free trials” and signed up for expensive monthly shipments.


Although most of the ingredients seem harmless, none of the ingredients found in Carb Matrix have been scientifically proven to improve weight loss. To continue eating unhealthy simple carbohydrates such as those listed in the marketing is not a healthy diet regardless of what supplements one is using. The current lack of an official website combined with the plethora of consumer ethics complaints lodged against this company does not instill trust in this product.


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    Can you take Carb Matrix with meications?


    F L

    My husband and I took Carb Matrix for a month, once a day only, and I took the associated product “Flat Belly with CLA” once daily. We both take blood-pressure medication. I showed the product to our doctor and he had no objection to it. Using the product has not made any noticeable difference to either of us, except that I started to feel vaguely faint whenever I changed the angle of my head or moved abruptly. I emailed those who sold the product, to ask if this was a common side-effect,and what might be happening. I got no answer, emailed Coach Josh and got no answer. I stopped taking both, and it has taken a few weeks for the sensation to go away. It’s not bothering my husband so he takes the product when we remember! The word “coach” suggested to me that the person would be willing to follow up with purchasers, but perhaps you have to purchase the coaching??? I won’t be buying any more.