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Carb Stopper Extreme claims to increase weight loss, boost metabolism and burn fat, but the only ingredient listed is white kidney bean extract. There are clinical studies supporting the effect of white kidney bean extract on carbohydrate metabolism, but the reviews talk about increased energy, reduced appetite and improved fitness. None of these claims are associated with white kidney bean extract. There is mention of ingredients, in plural form, in the product description so there could be additional ingredients in the mix that the company failed to list on the official website.

List of Ingredients


  • White Kidney Bean Extract

Product Features

One of the hardest supplements to market in the weight loss world is the single-ingredient supplement. There is no reason for the dieter to choose Carb Stopper Extreme when they could pay a fraction of the price for white kidney bean extract from a variety of other vitamin stores. The company behind Carb Stopper Extreme does nothing to promote the supplement as there are no links to clinical studies and the reviews are not accompanied with before and after pictures. Simply put, the dieter is told to buy the supplement and given multiple links to click on to purchase, but no strong facts proving the supplement works as claimed.

What Carb Stopped Extreme chose not to mention were the clinical studies performed on Phase 2, a brand of white kidney bean extract. Based on clinical testing, Phase 2 stops the breakdown of carbohydrates from long fibers to small fibers. With long fibers intact, the body burns off the carbohydrates faster, which could lead to weight loss. There is no mention of Phase 2 in the product description, which likely means this supplement does not contain the proven form of white kidney bean extract.

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  • Phase 2, a brand of white kidney bean extract, may promote weight loss.
  • There do not appear to be any stimulants in the formula.


  • We were unable to find before and after photos of dieters losing weight on Carb Stopper Extreme.
  • There is no mention of clinical support or Phase 2.


Not all white kidney bean extracts are proven to stop the cutting process after carbohydrates are ingested. Phase 2 has been clinically studied in human participants with positive results, making that ingredient the go-to ingredient for carb blocking supplements. Without proof of clinical testing, dieters would be better served by choosing a Phase 2 supplement rather than Carb Stopper Extreme.

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