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Carb Suppress is a dietary supplement that is claimed to help women and men lose weight. This product is manufactured by Sci-Fit and aims to restrict the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine. Although Carb Suppress doesn’t appear to be available via the official website, this product can be purchased on websites such as Global-Nutrition-Inc. Carb Suppress sells for a retail cost of $27.12 for 60 capsules. Unfortunately no customer testimonials are offered on the main website.

The key active ingredient found in Carb Suppress capsules is Phaseolus Vulgari (white kidney bean extract). This component is supposed to “inhibit the alpha amylase enzyme’s ability to breakdown carbs.” This basically means that larger, starchy carbohydrates are not absorbed, but rather passed through the body. There doesn’t appear to be a 100% money-back guarantee offered with Carb Suppress supplements. Unlike many weight reduction products, Carb Suppress is not recommended to be taken in conjunction with a regular fitness regimen and healthy diet plan. There are no free trial samples of this diet drug offered to the public at this time. In order to be effective, Carb Suppress is directed to be taken daily with water. Any potential allergies and warnings for Carb Suppress supplements are not presented on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Carb Suppress is a weight loss pill that endeavors to restrict the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine, hence potentially assisting with the reduction of body weight. The primary ingredient offered in Carb Suppress capsules is Phaseolus Vulgari (white kidney bean extract). This dietary supplement is geared toward women and men who are trying to reduce their body fat. However, there is no clinical data presented on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of Carb Suppress.

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  • Both men and women are able to take advantage of Carb Suppress supplements.
  • Carb Suppress can be easily and conveniently acquired online.
  • This diet product comes in an easy-to-take capsule form.


  • There aren’t any customer testimonials provided to support Carb Suppress capsules.
  • No real clinical evidence is offered on the official website for Carb Suppress.
  • Carb Suppress is not sold with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.
  • No free trial samples of Carb Suppress are available on the website.
  • A full list of ingredients for Carb Suppress is not found on the website.
  • A healthy diet and fitness program are not addressed on the website.


On the bright side, Carb Suppress is conveniently available online, however, it’s not through any kind of official website. This means that there is little official customer support offered for Carb Suppress. This diet product would probably come across as more appealing to more dieters if the website offered some clinical findings, a 100% money-back guarantee for Carb Suppress capsules, along with some convincing customer testimonials and a full product ingredient list. At least this way they could determine whether or not Carb Suppress is safe for them based on known allergies.

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