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What You Should Know

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Carb-X is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Nutraceutical, one of the largest manufacturers of health supplements sold in the US. Carb-X was originally developed under the product line NaturalMax by the company KAL. NaturalMax and KAL have since been acquired by Nutraceutical. Although the product cannot be purchased from the official website, it is readily available online from numerous retailers in bottles of 60 capsules for between $7 and $26 or in vanilla shake powder form of 15.4 oz. for between $13 and $17. Carb-X does not appear to be backed by any money-backed guarantees or to offer free samples.


The suggested dosage for Carb-X is two capsules daily. There are no warnings or contraindications given for this product, so customers would need to carefully research all ingredients for possible side effects before using.

List of Ingredients

Chromium, White Kidney Bean, Wheat extract, Green tea.


Product Features

Carb-X claims to decrease calories from carbohydrates by inhibiting the enzyme that the body needs to digest carbohydrates, thereby allowing the carbohydrates to pass without being absorbed by the body. White kidney beans have high fiber content, which can prevent constipation, reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. There are no customer testimonials on the website or on other websites. Customers should check with a physician before taking this product, as it may contain harmful amounts of chromium or other ingredients.


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  • There are no customer testimonials on the official website.
  • Carb-X can be easily purchased from numerous online websites.
  • Carb-X contains white kidney beans, which are high in fiber and can prevent constipation, reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.
  • Carb-X contains green tea, which is high in anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals that cause cancer.
  • The cost of this product is between $7 and $26 for a one-month supply.



  • There does not seem to be a healthy diet or fitness regimen recommended with this product.
  • There are no free samples of Carb-X available.
  • Carb-X is not supported with any money-back guarantees.
  • The only ingredients proven to be beneficial to health in this product are white kidney beans and green tea, which can be consumed much more cheaply and efficiently by drinking tea and eating beans.
  • There are no customer reviews of Carb-X online available online.


The active ingredients in Carb-X has not been scientifically proven to encourage weight loss or prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat. The price for this product is cheap compared with other similar products but steep compared with just buying white kidney beans and green tea, which are the only ingredients in this product that are proven to have health benefits.


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