Carbfat Inhibitor Review

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What You Should Know

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CarbFat Inhibitor is produced and marketed by a company called Physedge, out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Customers can contact Physedge one of three ways: Via the email address, a toll free 888 numbers, or the physical mailing address. Their customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.


This product contains, neopuntia, which acts as a fat magnet; Cassia Nomame extract, which inhibits lipase- the enzyme responsible for turning consumed carbohydrates into fat for storage; Garcinia Cambogia, whose research suggests an ability to modulate blood fat levels and increase both energy and metabolism; and Gymnema Sylvestre, “The Sugar Destroyer” which is used for blood sugar maintenance which aids in weight loss.

Product Features

This product boasts a dual fat blocking system that attracts fat like a magnet and helps it pass through the body unprocessed and without being stored. The second phase blocks the absorption of fats by disabling the functions necessary for breakdown and storage. It also states that it has a second dual system to fight carbohydrates. This system inhibits the conversion of starches into simple sugars that are easily stored as fat, yet hard to eliminate. It also promotes the transformation of carbohydrates into readily usable energy fuel instead of fat. Tests show that the serving neopuntia in one carb/ fat inhibitor tablet can bind and block 4.5 grams of olive oil, 5.5 grams of butter, or 9.5 grams of mayonnaise from being introduced into your system! This medication is 100 % vegetable derived, thereby making it a product that vegetarians can enjoy and making it safe for those with shellfish sensitivities- which can be aggravated by chitosan. This product allows you to eat your favorite foods while not disrupting your diet, is ideal for people with busy lifestyles- as you can take it any time before, during or after meals, and may be great for persons on low fat or low carb diets.

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  • Contains many useful ingredients.
  • The website offers links to both before and after pictures, and customer testimonials.
  • They offer a privacy policy They offer a convenient auto- ship option.


  • At $40 a bottle, this is not the cheapest product on the market.
  • If they don’t work for you it may be difficult to cancel your auto- ship agreement.
  • This product is only available at a few retailers in the state of Virginia and online.


This product may work wonders for those who wake up in the middle of the night craving French fries or salty potato chips, if you can afford it. I might just have to make a deal with myself not to eat anything after the sun goes down and hope the craving passes before morning!

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