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CarbMate Phase 2 Carb Controller is manufactured and distributed by New Spirit, based in San Dimas California. New Spirit was founded in 1982 and their quest has always been to use natural ingredients in formulations that offer real benefits. These formulas support optimal health and beauty and support the body’s ability to renew itself. They are committed to quality and quality control, and always use close supervision. The website allows you to make contact in one of 4 ways- electronically, by physical mail, and by local and toll free phone numbers.


CarbMate Phase 2 Carb Controller is a powder formulated with Phaseolus Vulagris, Chromium, Fiber and prebiotics. Phaseolus Vulgaris is also known as the common bean. It is used as a starch neutralizer, to inhibit the body from processing carbohydrates into fat for storage. Chromium is used as a weight loss aid in medicine. The fiber included is digestion resistant, and the prebiotics include FOS and inulin.

Product Features

Breads, pastas, potatoes and rice are staples in diets around the world. Unfortunately they are also some of the worst foods to eat. They are considered starches and are best consumed in moderation. Adding CarbMate PHASE 2 Carb Controller to these foods has been proven to lower the amount of blood sugars and neutralize the impact of carbohydrates on caloric intake. Each serving can keep you from digesting 2000 to 2800 carbohydrate calories. CarbMate also contains chromium, as some studies have shown it may reduce insulin resistance. This product is available at and at various other online retailers. At it is available for $40, but the site does not specify how many servings are in each bottle, so it is hard to determine whether this is a fair price.

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  • A 100% natural product.
  • A healthy addition to any diet.


  • No specific dosages are given on the website.
  • There is much less information available on the website than I would have expected.


Containing a lot of the same ingredients as most carb blockers available, CarbMate Phase 2 Carb Controller may be more effective than some because of its delivery system alone. The human body only absorbs 15- 20% of vitamins and minerals in capsule form due to their compression. As a powdered supplement, CarbMate Phase 2 Carb Controller may be more readily absorbed and consumed than similar products. Although it isn’t specified, a healthy diet and exercise regimen should be an integrated part of its use (and everyone’s lifestyle). There is always the possibility that cutting carbs on your own and creating a workout suitable for your daily routine can help you shed unwanted weight without the extra expense.

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