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Carbo Grabbers are produced by a company called Nature’s Sunshine. They are available at Nature’s Sunshine can be contacted via an email worksheet and a toll free phone number, both available through the website. They allow consumers to join for a reduced purchase price and lowered shipping costs. This website also boasts a Health Analyzer to help you choose which product(s) may be more suited for your individual issues.


A serving size of Carbo Grabbers is 2 capsules (60 capsules are in a bottle) and each serving contains White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseoluss Vulgaris) 600 mg, and cellulose (fiber), Magnesium Stearate (vegetable), silicone dioxide (powdered silica), gelatin and water. White Kidney Bean Extract, also known as Phaseolus Vulgaris, is said to be able to bind to carbohydrates and take them straight through the digestive tract before the body has a chance to break them down and store them for later use.

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The recommended dosage for Carbo Grabbers is one or two capsules up to three times daily before a meal high in carbohydrates. You are warned not to take this supplement if you are taking a protease enzyme containing product for fear of drug interaction. Carbo Grabbers help decrease the conversion of carbs to calories and is a 100% stimulant free weight loss supplement. Carbo Grabbers’ ingredient combination may partially interfere or inhibit the breakdown and digestion of starches, enabling them to be taken straight out of the body as opposed to being stored as fat cells for later use. The retail cost for one bottle of 60 capsules is $27.40 seems fair, but with the possible “membership” discount this drops down to only $18.25, which averages roughly $.31 per pill. You can also try this product as a trial size, a smaller pack of only 20 pills, for a regular price of $20.00 or the members discounted price of $11.75 ($.59 each).

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  • This is an all natural product. Carbo Grabbers is available for a fairly inexpensive price.
  • Assists in the weight loss process by inhibiting the body’s ability to break down and store carbohydrates as fat.


  • This product is much like others available on the market.
  • The website states that you should actually take this product in conjunction with another they offer “Fat Grabbers” for the best results.
  • This formula does not include a fat burner.


Upon checkout you are asked if you’d like to join the “club”, which is free with a $40 purchase, or if you’d just rather pay retail costs and pay out. With the reduction in cost, it may be worthwhile, but at the low price you will have to either purchase two bottles before you know if they will work for you or just pay the regular price. Also considering the fact that you may potentially not see results without the secondary “Fat Grabber” supplement you might be better off just keeping your cash and cutting the carbs on your own.

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    Have side effects?


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    how much do fat grabbers actually block from being absorbed ??


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    how many calories do carbo grabbers block??