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Carbo-Trim appears as though it may be a product that is being promoted as a weight loss product. It is a product that is manufactured by a company called Nutravite that is located in Canada. This product is supposed to prevent carbs from entering into your system if they are taken properly. In this review we will use the information that is available to us so that we may assess the product and try to determine if this could possibly be an effective weight loss product.


While conducting research on this product, it seems as though we may have run across what we think is a list of ingredients for this product. This list of ingredients consists of White Kidney Bean Extract, Yerba Mate, Gymnema, and Bitter Orange. Now we will take a closer look at some of the ingredients. White Kidney Bean is said to be used to prevent starches and carbs from being absorbed so they ultimately will not be absorbed as calories and turned into fat.

Product Features

Yerba Mate is a plant that is native to Paraguay that has the potential to aid in thermogenesis and to be a mild appetite suppressant. Gymnema Sylvestre is native to the rain forests and it is thought to be used in this product as a substance that may have the ability to regulate metabolism that is associated with sugar intake. And last but not least there is Bitter Orange. This is an ingredient that may have the ability to increase your metabolism and cause your body to breakdown more fat than it normally would without it. This is also been noted as being the safe alternative to Ephedra, but it has similar side effects.

While we were researching this product, we found that it has been removed from the original producer’s website, Nutravite. This gives us reason to believe that this product may have been discontinued. There was no explanation of this whatsoever. However, it is still available on other websites, so we will go by the information that was received from the other sources. The statements have been made that this is a product that may effectively inhibit the absorption of starch and carbs into your system that may ultimately be absorbed as fat later on. It is supposed to do this by using the ingredient White Kidney Bean to block these carbs. It is said that Carbo-Trim will actually stop the starch molecules from being absorbed while they are still in the small intestine.

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  • May have the ability to block starches form being absorbed.
  • All natural ingredients are used.
  • May contain an effective metabolism booster.


  • May have been discontinued.


Since this product has been removed from the manufacturer’s official website, we are assuming that this product is now discontinued. It is recommended that when you are looking for an effective diet aid that you may want to find a product that contains patented and proven ingredients and has the lab results to back it up.

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