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There are various different kinds of carbohydrate supplements. Some are created to move other ingredients to the muscle more quickly. Others are created to increase weight as mass builders. Finally, there are carbohydrate supplements designed to supply long-lasting energy to athletes. CarboMax is the latter of the three. CarboMax does not contain simple sugars, but it is a carbohydrate supplement. The supplement is not safe for diabetics or dieters. One scoop of the powder contains 113 calories – all from carbohydrates. There are no vitamins, nutrients, protein or fat in the supplement. CarboMax can be added to protein shakes as needed or taken with other supplements. The product labels suggests using at least three scoops of the powder mixed in yogurt, milk or protein powder about 30 minutes prior to intense exercise or competition.

List of Ingredients

100% LCPF-50 (long chain polymetric fraction) Maltodextrin. No additives, excipients or fillers.

Product Features

The body uses carbohydrates as the first fuel source during exercise. The body can hold onto 400 grams of carbohydrates, which equals 2,000 calories. After those carbohydrate stores are burned, the next best fuel is protein. If the dieter is not drinking protein, the body will turn to muscle; breaking it down to fuel muscle until extra fuel is received or exercise stops. CarboMax prevents the body from turning on muscle and breaking down lean fibers, but that doesn’t mean the supplement is for everyone.

The average dieter will not burn 2,000 calories in one workout. This means the body has more than enough carbohydrate stores to keep going for many workouts. After exercise, the body will store more carbohydrates from the diet, so there is a constant use and refueling cycle occurring in the body.

Extreme athletes and bodybuilders, however, can easily burn more than 2,000 calories during a workout or competition. The body needs extra carbohydrates to support the increased energy use and that is where CarboMax comes into the picture. Though CarboMax is not created from simple sugar, it will likely cause weight gain and hunger for the average dieter.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • The product is ideal for the extreme athlete.
  • Prevents muscle from breaking down during exercise.


  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • Contains no protein or fat.
  • Will not promote energy or increased metabolism.
  • Contains no vitamins and nutrients.


CarboMax is a specialty supplement with a very solid place in the athletic world. That place does not include being part of the weight loss community. Dieters do not need a carbohydrate supplement because the body stores all the carbohydrates needed for lasting energy and muscle protection.

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    Hi, I was wondering if I should start taking This product. Reason being I feel like I’m losing to much wight I eat very clean and I’m just looking for some wight gain on my legs so I can build more muscle will this product do that for me in addition with my protien is my question! Thanks!