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What You Should Know

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Carbonill is manufactured by Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc. and is based in Orem, Utah. They offer a physical mailing address, a phone number and an email for support, questions or comments on their website They are a research driven food technology company that specializes in functional foods as well as personal care and nutritional products. This company was founded in 2003 and is committed to finding unique sources of healthy benefits to their consumers.


Carbonill contains a blend derived from phaseolamin (Northern White Kidney Beans) that works to slow the breakdown of starches and carbohydrates. This formula enables the carbs to pass through the system without being processed and stored as fat cells for future fuel. Citrin, (from Garcinia Cambogia) inhibits the production of fat acids in the liver, resulting in less fat buildup. Cassia Nomame is a plant that can impair the ability of the body’s enzymes and prohibit the formation of fats.

Product Features

Looking closely at the ingredients we see Carbonill also contains a non stimulating thermogenic known as fucoxanthin. This supports breakdown of stored fat cells without jitters. This product also contains American Ginseng, a revitalizer and energy booster; Ginger root, a digestive aid; and Green Tea extract, an antioxidant that may stimulate thermogenesis. Carbonill also contains magnesium, chromium and vanadyl sulfate. Chromium can help stabilize blood sugars and help a body naturally rid itself of cholesterol, fats and unnecessary proteins. Vanadyl Sulfate is a form of valadium, which it seems, is necessary for normal growth and development.

This product says even though we must make smart choices and be strong in our pursuit of weight loss, we can use this supplement to keep us from losing our hopes and dreams because of the occasional fall. We can indulge, and still win the battle. The ingredients found in Carbonill can slow the digestion of carbs, allowing them to be passed from the body unchanged and unused. If your body doesn’t absorb them, then it cannot turn them into fat. This formula also boosts metabolism, which can result in a loss of stored fats.

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  • Natural Product.
  • Relatively low in price $34.95 for 90 capsules.
  • I have seen supplements for much less and for much, much more.


  • Carbonill contains a stimulant.
  • Phytobase Nutritionals is a relatively new company.


You can find these ingredients in scores of other, better known and more reputable, products. You must take 2 pills at a time, and whether or not you take them once or twice a day will affect your wallet. A 90 count bottle contains 45 servings, but we are unaware of whether this is cost effective or not. If this means we can use one bottle for more than a month, it may be worth the try, but if the bottle only lasts a couple weeks, I am sure you’d be better off without it. Historically, fat and carb inhibitors aren’t as fantastic as claimed.

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