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CarboXactin is a product that has is being promoted as a weight loss product. It has been noted that this product is supposed to prevent the absorption of starch from the foods you eat to help you to lose weight. The name of the company and where it is located does not appear to be available at this time.


While conducting the research for this product we were able to locate a list of ingredients. This list of ingredients consists of Hoodia Gordonii, Phaseolus Vulagris (otherwise known as White Kidney Bena Extract), Yerba Mate, Chromium Polynicotinate, and Gymnema Sylvestris. Hoodia Gordonii is an ingredient that comes from a type of cactus that is native to Africa. It has been used for over 100 years by the natives of Africa. Chromium Polynicotinate is a mineral that been known to improve the production of insulin in the body. It has been shown that Gymnema Sylvestris may have the capabilities to help with blood sugar reduction, but it is still being studied.

Product Features

In the description of this product, there are claims that this product has the ability to allow you to cheat a little by eating carbs because this product has the ability to block those carbs from actually being converted into sugar and ultimately being stored as fat. It explains that how this process is supposed to work is that it supposed to actually block the alpha-amylase by preventing the starch molecules in the foods from being absorbed while they are still in the small intestine. We believe that the theory behind this is that you can eat carbs, take this pill, and absorb the carbs while they are still in the small intestine. This prevents the carbs that you have ingested from being converted into sugar. If the carbs are never converted into sugar, then the sugar can never be stored as calories. If there are no stored calories, then we have no fat from the calories, thus preventing further weight gain and promoting weight loss.

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  • May block carbs.
  • Contains an appetite suppressant, Hoodia Gordonii. Contains all natural ingredients.
  • Does not appear to be very expensive.


  • There may not be nay free trials at this time.
  • It appears as if there may be no official website for this product.
  • May be enabling you to cheat on your diet.


Although this product may indeed have the ability to block carbs from being absorbed into the body, there stills seems like there is something wrong with this idea. If you take these supplements while you are on a diet to help you to lose weight, then what is going to happen when you stop the diet and you continue to eat these foods? It just seems as though if you use this product then you may not be learning how to eat right and have a healthy diet. There is also no fat burner in this product that may help you to increase your metabolism so that you may burn more fat. You may want to consider a product that will encourage you to eat right so that you can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle even after you have reached your goal weight.

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