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CarbRX is a dietary supplement manufactured by the company LM, which claims to focus on metabolizing sugars, fat, and carbohydrates into energy to prevent weight gain. CarbRX is designed specifically for use with low-carb diets, although it can be used with any sort of diet. CarbRX is essentially a fat-blocking supplement that uses Phaelous Vulgaris to achieve its supposed fat-blocking results. There are no promises of actual weight loss here, but the manufacturers claim that this supplement will prevent further weight gain during “cheat” periods. They also promote a low-carb diet and plenty of exercise along with the supplement regimen to gain optimum results.

Currently, CarbRX’s website has been taken down for unknown reasons, but it is still widely available via many online retailers. One 90 count bottle will cost you $17.99, which makes this supplement extremely affordable for dieters. CarbRX emphasizes that it will only supplement a healthy diet, so dieters looking for a quick solution are advised to look elsewhere. CarbRX looks promising, but the lack of official information is a concern.


An official ingredient list is not available at this time. However, CarbRX mentions that it mainly contains Phaelos Vulgaris, otherwise known as White Kidney Bean Extract. Because of the lack of product information available, it is impossible to evaluate the safety of this product, especially for those with food allergies.

Product Features

CarbRX claims to block the absorption of additional carbohydrates, sugars, and fats through the power of Phaelos Vulgaris, which does have legitimate backing as a carbohydrate blocker. One clinical trial showed that Phaelos Vulgaris helped prevent the absorption of carbohydrates by preventing the production of alpha-amalyse, keeping the carbohydrates in their original form. This prevents the body from absorbing them. Phaelos Vulgaris has not gone through enough testing to fully verify its results, but this ingredient looks promising. The lack of other ingredients makes CarbRX unsuitable for any other purpose, however, and dieters will have to find other solutions to combat dieting concerns.

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  • CarbRX contains Phaelos Vulgaris, an ingredient with proven weight loss benefits.
  • This is a very affordable fat-blocking supplement.
  • It is intended to be used with a low-carb diet.


  • There is no official ingredient list available — this could contain unsafe ingredients.
  • The official site is defunct, with little information available about the product itself.
  • There are currently no money-back guarantees with CarbRX.
  • It is only a carb-blocking supplement and will not speed up weight loss or increase energy.
  • There are no testimonials available about this product.


CarbRX is only intended for those already on a low-carb diet, providing no benefits to those looking for a complete diet supplement. It does have scientific backing as a carb-blocker, but provides no other benefits, such as increased weight loss or energy. Dieters are advised to search for a complete diet supplement if they want an active, complete approach to weight loss.

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