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Cardillo Inc. is a company located in Massachusetts that manufactures and sells weight belts and bodybuilding footwear exercise equipment developed by a one-time body-building champion Steve Cardillo. The belts are sold on the website for $89.95 and the footwear for $79.95. Varieties of belts offered include training belts, powerlifting belts and custom-embroidered belts. The footwear offered are low boots or classic weight trainers. Cardillo’s products are available online and offline from several retailers including the company’s own website and retail shop in Everett, Massachusetts.

Cardillo belts are worn many body-builders, including professional athletes like Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens, Eric Mendoza, Hulk Hogan and Stone-Cold Steve Austin. A weight belt is worn by body-builders in order to reduce stress on the lower back and prevent hyperextension.

Despite having several images of scantily clad women that seemingly have nothing to do with its products, the official website of this product is well-organized and easy to use. The website also offeres access to a Twitter page, an RSS feed and a video of Steve Cardillo demonstrating the bucket method of weight training.

List of Ingredients

Cardillo belts are made of leather.

Product Features

Cardillo sells body-building weight belts and footwear from its website, retail store and through many other retailers. There are two types of Bullworker Home Gym currently on the market, Steel Bow and Bow Classic. Cardillo guarantees its equipment to be free from manufacturer’s defects. There is a customer service telephone number for any questions regarding Cardillo equipment.

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  • Available from its official website, retail store or from a wide range of online retailers.
  • There are many well-known athletes who have used Cardillo weight belts.
  • Cardillo belts come in various sizes for men and women, and are customizable with embroidery.
  • This product has been reported to be very durable.
  • The official website has several images of women on its website that seem to have nothing to do with Cardillo products.


  • Any type of exercise equipment should be used carefully to avoid self-injury.
  • Cardillo Inc. does not offer any money-back guarantees for these products if they are free from manufacturer’s defects.


Cardillo Inc. offers quality leather weight belts for $89.95 and body-building footwear for $79.95 from its website and from several other retailers. Both are quite expensive, but the belts are backed by several professional athletes, including Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan and many other famous athletes, so the products may be of superior quality. The equipment is guaranteed to be free of defects, and there is a customer service telephone number to call with questions about these products. There does not seem to be any money-back guarantee offered to unsatisfied customers.

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