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Cardio Twister is a piece of workout equipment sold online and on television by Tristar Products. Tristar also sells the Ab Slide, Ab Roller and several other health and beauty products using celebrity testimonials and infomercials. Brenda DyGraf, a well-known international fitness expert markets Cardio Twister. Cardio Twister is sold via its official for $199.80 or for one payment of $14.95 followed by four monthly payments of $49.95. It also includes a DVD with a fitness plan and a healthy meal plan. There is a 60-day warranty on this product for manufacturer’s defects.

Cardio Twister looks like an elliptical machine with an arced horizontal bar for the arms that twists left and right. Using this machine regularly along with a healthy diet seems like it would be very likely to promote weight loss in those who are overweight and who are not already following a healthy diet and exercise plan. This product seems like a good way to get in shape for those who don’t want to go to a gym. However, it’s not clear that the Cardio Twister will be any more effective than using an elliptical, treadmill, stair machine or any other type of cardio equipment.


The most problematic features of this product are the so-called “free trial” offer and the manufacturer’s warranty. In order to take advantage of this offer, customers would need to assemble the product, try it out, disassemble the product and then pay to ship this considerably large piece of equipment back to the company before the 30 days expires. Otherwise, a non-refundable $49.95 fee will be charged to the customer’s credit card. Also, if a customer decides to keep the product, the warranty offered on this product is only for 60 days. Apparently, the customer would have to pay for any repair service offered by the manufacturer after these 60 days, if any.

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The main ingredient in Cardio Twister is a piece of cardio workout equipment that resembles an elliptical with a single, curved horizontal bar for the arms that turns left and right. Included with the workout equipment is a DVD with a fitness plan by Brenda DyGraf and a healthy meal plan. The Cardio Twister is sold online for $199.80, and it is also sold on television infomercials


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  • Cardio Twister seems like it would be as effective in promoting weight loss and health benefits as any other piece of cardio equipment.
  • This product encourages a healthy fitness and diet plan.
  • Customer testimonials are available from the official website.




  • This product must be assembled before use.
  • The 30-day free trial has conditions which may be difficult to follow in order to avoid a nonrefundable $49.95 charge.
  • After the 60-day warranty has expired, it is not clear how customers would get this product serviced or repaired.>  


Cardio Twister is a piece of home cardio equipment that is sold online and on television. It seems very likely that using this equipment combined with the fitness and diet plan would result in serious health benefits. While it is not clear whether Cardio Twister is any more effective than using an elliptical, its low cost of $199.80 makes it a great deal more affordable than buying an elliptical for home use. On the other hand, going to a gym to use the cardio equipment may be a more affordable option in the long term, especially if the Cardio Twister’s 60-day warranty has expired and the machine needs repairs.

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10 User Reviews about Cardio Twister

  • 1

    i brought my cardio twister second hand so it did not come with the workout dvd does anyone know where i could purchase just the dvd on its own?


  • 2

    Absolutely frustrating!! Chain has broken within 4 months after purchasing and not sure how to fix it. I’m only 66kg, well under the weight maximum. Not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 3

    Bought a year ago, and never took out of the box until now. Attempted to assemble, only to find there was no handle-bar in the box. Called C/S today, and was told to return entire machine to them; I would have to pay for my own shipping now (approx $40); and include a $29.99 check for them to send me a whole new machine. All I wanted was the handle-bar that should have been in the box to start with. I was willing to purchase just the bar, but was told they don’t sell any individual pieces. Sounds like a gimmick! How the heck did it pass inspection without a handle?


  • 4

    bought the equipment more than 12 months ago. The chain broke just before the 12 mths warranty. Managed (with several follow ups) to have it replace by another one. 6 moths down the track the chain broke again. Rang support but of no use because of the 12 mths expired warrranty. The twister seemed to work (reduce t waist)but the equipment is not made to last long and is fragile. Currently persuing to have the chain fix (with some luck). Anyone knows any places (in sydney) to fix the broken chain will be much appreciated.



    Got the chain fixed at a bike shop. hurray!!twister back in acion again.


  • 5

    Has anyone else had problems assembling the machine? Its taking me for ever, the screws don’t tighten all the way and machine isnt sturdy!, ugh!


  • 6
    Maria Butron

    Not happy with this product is not worth it. It only last me 3 weeks from the time I started using it. The chain and screw broke.


  • 7
    Maria Butron

    I am so sad because I was enjoying the Cardio twister and it just broke when I was using it. I am 163 lbs and it could hold up to 250 according to the manual.I purchased it on February 4, 2010 and just started using it 3 weeks ago.What can I do?



    the equipment has a 12 months warranty. You should ring the support and they will provide a reference number. you then post the twister back for free. Be sure to make follow ups after a week or so. hope this help.


    Trish Goodlette

    I loved my Cardio Twister. But alas the chain part thingy below the black plastic housing busted. I am only 165 pounds. How do I fix this? I purchased it from an ebay auction. Do you have a manual that I can look at to see if I can take it apart and fix it? Thank you.