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The Cardiometabolic Support Network is an online weight loss support program designed by Dr. Louis Aronne. According to the description on the official website, dieters gain access to a complete personal profile and support group meetings online. Experts working with the Cardiometabolic Support Network are trained in obesity, diabetes and more. There are various articles and videos on weight loss available free of charge to website visitors. Some videos are no longer available and others suggest obesity may be a viral disease that spreads from one person to another. Dr. Louis Aronne is an expert for CBS News.

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Weight loss support and guidance online.

Product Features

The Cardiometabolic Support Network is a medical weight loss program. In some cases, insurance or health savings accounts may cover the cost of the program. People entering the program gain access to registered dieticians, meal plans and more. Doctors treating patients for weight loss related disease could join your weight loss team to help keep track of weight loss and regulate prescription medications.

The three plans available from the Cardiometabolic Support Network are the Healthy Balance Plan, Healthy Heart Plan and Healthy Portions Plan. Balance control glycemic load and glucose levels. Heart controls fat intake and Portions includes meal replacement options sold through the Network store.

There is no pricing information available on the official website for the Cardiometabolic Support Network. We found a FAQs section and searched for “cost”. There it is revealed that each 16-week program costs $290. The dieter pays for access to the group meetings with the dietician and nothing more. The food suggestions and menu plans come with website and group meeting access. At $290 every 16 weeks, the dieter is paying an average of $72.50 per month. Meetings are held in the evenings between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM in most cases.

Dieters are expected to follow the eating plans and advice from the dietician without physical interaction from medical professionals. This could be difficult for some dieters, especially when weigh-ins are not part of the program.

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  • Charges for group meetings may be covered by some insurance plans.
  • Dieters who attend meetings, even those online, are more likely to stick with a weight loss plan.
  • Registered dieticians lead group meetings.
  • Dieters gain access to dieticians via email.


  • Dieters must follow the program to lose weight.
  • The program cost is not covered by all insurance plans.
  • The cost of the program may be too expensive for some dieters.


Dr. Louis Aronne, a famous obesity doctor who works with CBS News and other major news affiliates, started the Cardiometabolic Support Network. The program costs less than some medical programs, but it also forces the dieter to follow a plan with no physical interaction with a doctor.

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