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What You Should Know

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Caribbean Solutions is a company based in Florida that manufactures and sells natural and biodegradable skin, hair and spa products. The biggest selling point of all Caribbean Solutions’ products is the fact that they are biodegradable and natural. Prices for Caribbean Solutions products reflect are similar to other non-biodegradable and non-natural products. Their products are easily available for purchase from the official website and other online and offline retailers.

Many sunscreens and tanning oils contain petroleum-based chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and to people. Caribbean Solutions’ sunscreens are made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which reflect UV rays rather than absorb them like petrochemicals do. They also contain other natural ingredients that are supposedly to be better for the environment and better for the body.

Product Features

Caribbean Solutions’ products offered on its website include sunscreens, tanning oils, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, body scrub, self-tanners, body gels and dog shampoo. Prices for sunscreens range from $12 to $16, tanning oils range from $18 to $50, bath and body products range from $8 to $14 and dog shampoos are $8.


In addition to featuring its products, Caribbean Solution’s website also features a chart that compaires its products to the products sold by other companies in the health and beauty industry and lists several of the possible side effects of non-natural products. Several customer testimonials are offered and there is a comprehensive list of all ingredients for all products.


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  • Caribbean Solutions’ products are readily available online from its official website and from other online retailers.
  • Testimonials are available on the official website.
  • Products are biodegradable, so they will not harm the environment as much as non-biodegradable products.
  • Products contain natural ingredients that may be safer to use than non-natural ingredients.
  • There are comprehensive list of all ingredients given on the website, so customers can research all ingredients prior to ordering.



  • There are no guarantees of this product or free trial samples, so customers have no way to ensure the products’ effectiveness without buying them.


Caribbean Solutions products offer natural and biodegradable health and beauty products. The comprehensive lists of ingredients on the website make all of the products easy to research prior to ordering. There are many positive customer reviews on the website. These products are easy to order online and cost about the same as other similar non-biodegradable and non-natural products, so it would seem that they are a good alternative for anyone who prefers natural and biodegradable products.

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