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Carlon Colker, M.D. is a medical physician, celebrity, authority and fitness guru. He is CEO at Peak Wellness, Inc. in Greenwich, Connecticut and Beverly Hills, California. He is a much-sought-after consultant for fitness/health issues for high-profile fitness projects. Most recently, he worked alongside Shaquille O’Neal at Shaq’s Big Challenge and Christie Brinkley on Microsoft and Xbox 360’s efforts to get kids healthy.

Carlon Colker’s health philosophy revolves around the idea that regardless of the ailment, you can heal yourself using natural solutions, such as health supplements. Although he administers pharmaceutical drugs in his medical practice, he believes that most pharmaceutical medicines are designed to keep up the status quo on illnesses instead of cure diseases. He also believes people can take charge of their own health and bodies by living intelligently and by strengthening their bodies with nature’s products. Colker claims that substances that occur in nature are the most effective cures, so he is a major proponent of using dietary supplements to cure and prevent illnesses.

Carlon As a personal trainer, Colker has trained some of the biggest names in sports, including Olympic athletes and famous celebrities. He regularly writes and contributes to Muscular Development magazine, and has also written or been written about in Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Runner’s World and Men’s Fitness magazines. Colker has authored over 160 popular press articles and columns and has published a number of books on wellness matters. As television medical expert on nutrition and fitness, Colker has been interviewed on many shows on FOX, ESPN, NBC and ABC.

Colker’s scientific publications have supported many of the most popular products in the industry of dietary supplements, many of which were lacking in support prior to his research. Particularly controversial are writings that Colker has given that support health supplements that contained ephedra before its ban by the FDA in 2004.

Product Features

Colker’s books include Extreme Muscle Enhancement: Bodybuilding’s Most Powerful Techniques, Essentials Diet and Nutrition Manual, Essentials Cookbook, Essentials Exercise Guide, The Greenwich Diet, Sex Pills: From Androstenedione to Zinc, What Works and What Doesn’t and Dr. Colker’s Guide to Supplementing for Health and Wellness.


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  • Carlon Colker has raised controversy for supporting some health supplements that were later banned by the FDA because they contained ephedra.


Carlon Colker is a medical physician, personal trainer, author and celebrity expert on nutrition and fitness. His medical practice is in Connecticut and California, and he has authored several books on topics ranging from bodybuilding techniques to cookbooks.>

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