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What You Should Know

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CarniPure is a liquid diet product brought to you by BodyTech and it’s also found under the name CarniPure L-Carnitine. Websites like offer this supplement formula for $26.99; however, it doesn’t appear on the official BodyTech website at this time. This supplement is taken with breakfast and dinner and can additionally be taken before exercising (one tablespoon at a time). The intended goal of CarniPure is to boost energy levels and assist with building lean muscle mass, while minimizing unwanted body fat. It may increase thermogenesis within the body.

List of Ingredients

L-Carnitine (1100mg), Hydroxycitric Acid (20mg), and Pantothenic Acid (10mg), Protein (1gm), and Sodium.

Product Features

CarniPure is a liquid weight loss supplement that’s geared toward both women and men and may assist with boosting energy levels, building lean muscle mass, minimizing unwanted body fat, and increasing thermogenesis within the body. Although, it no longer appears on the official website this product can be acquired through There are no consumer testimonials or clinical support provided to back the claims made about CarniPure. It appears that this product comes in raspberry flavor and does not contain artificial colors or caffeine.

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  • All of the ingredients for this dietary supplement are listed.
  • It comes in a liquid form.


  • There are no consumer reviews and/or testimonials provided for this dietary supplement.
  • The official BodyTech website no longer offers this weight management supplement.


The CarniPure liquid formula is somewhat different from many other weight loss and muscle building products simply because it comes in liquid form. While some individuals may enjoy and appreciate this, others may prefer a tablet or capsule. Regardless of what dietary supplement you’re interested in, the key is knowing all you can about what’s out there first.

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