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Caroline Myss (pronounced like “mace”) is professional mystic and medical intuitive, and the author of many books and four New York Times bestsellers. Myss gives many lectures and workshops on the topics of spirituality and mysticism. As a medical intuitive, Myss claims she can accurately diagnose the nature of any disease or illness of any person just by reading his or her field of energy, sometimes over the radio. She makes treatment recommendations and calls this “energy medicine.” She has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show numerous times and hosted a television series called “The Journey with Caroline Myss” on Oxygen, which is co-owned by Winfrey.

Caroline Myss was raised as a Catholic in Chicago. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. Soon after entering her journalistic career, Myss pursued a Master’s degree in theology from Mundelein College in Chicago. Myss claims to have a Ph.D. in “intuition and energy medicine”, but the degree was granted by Greenwich University, a correspondence school that is now closed and was never accredited.

In 2003, Myss founded the Caroline Myss Educational Institute along with Wisdom University, another non-accredited school. The Myss Institute offers studies in “spirituality and human consciousness research”, “archetypes” and “sacred contracts.” The website of the Myss Institute has many free audio and video files that visitors can watch that show Myss lecturing at workshops. Visitors may also purchase a “Personal Health Assessment” that scores your chakras by using an online program, or a “Personal Nutrition Provider” program that gives you a recommended food plan.

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Myss’s books include: Aids: Passageway to Transformation, with C. Norman Sheally, Archetype Cards, The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses that Promote Health and Healing, with C. Norman Sheally, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, Spiritual Madness, Spiritual Power Spiritual Practice (audio cassette), The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing (audio CD), Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice, Invisible Acts of Power: Personal Choices That Create Miracles, Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and your Soul, The Sacred Contract of America: Fulfilling the Vision of Our Mystic Founders, Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond The Bounds Of Reason.

Myss’s personal website includes links to the Myss Institute, her radio show, free videos of Myss lecturing, and an “Online Salon” discussion forum with “thoughts, ideas and inspiration to help enrich your life.” In addition, visitors may purchase products including Myss’s books, scented candles, “alchemy gemstones”, “sacred chakra oils”, online courses, decks of mystical cards and other products. You can also find a Sacred Contract Consultant near you that can give you a personal archetype reading.

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  • Caroline Myss’s books and products are easily purchased from her website or other retailers.



  • Caroline Myss has not provided any scientific evidence that her medical mysticism is effective in treating any illness or disease.


Caroline Myss is a professional mystic and medical intuitive who claims that she can diagnose and recommended medical treatments based on sensing a person’s energy fields, sometimes even over the radio. Her Myss Institute in Illinois gives workshops and trainings in energy medicine, but is not accredited and is not recognized as a higher education granting body by the US Department of Education.>

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    madeline burdick

    i have seizures at night; have for ten years; must take dilantin to keep in check; doctors do not know what causes; any suggestions?