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The Catabolic Diet is an eating plan for losing weight based on the idea of eating foods that require more calories to digest than the caloric value of the food, thereby burning more calories than you consume. While any weight loss plan must entail somehow burning more calories than one consumes, burning calories through digestion is only one of many ways to burn more calories than one consumes. The basics of following the Catabolic Diet is available on many websites without buying anything, but an official looking website for this diet also sells a fat-burning health supplements called the “Fat Destroyer” that it suggests be taken while on the Catabolic Diet.

Proponents of this diet point out that if one only eats catabolic foods, then one would lose weight faster than if they were eating nothing, or literally starving. When the body does not consume as much calories as it requires to keep functioning, then it will burn some calories in the form of stored fat, resulting in weight loss. While this diet would definitely result in some weight loss, it is not a healthy diet for the long-term as it induces sudden weight loss, which should not be sustained after a person’s body is in the healthy weight range.

While most diets and weight-loss programs simply concentrate on consuming fewer calories and burning calories through exercise in, this one also looks at burning calories through digestion. Many foods, especially high-fiber foods, require more energy to digest them than you gain in eating them. That means a net loss in calories every time you eat one of these foods. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that burning calories through digestion is simply one way to burn calories. While you may be able to lose weight through this diet without any exercise at all, keep in mind that any healthy weight loss program should also include burning calories through a healthy exercise program. Combining this diet with a healthy exercise program to burn even more calories would cause one to lose weight faster than not exercising at all.

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Foods are separated into high-grade catabolic and low-grade catabolic, based on the ratio of calories burned through digestion to calories consumed. Some high-grade catabolic fruits include: blueberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, plums, strawberries, raspberries, pears and watermelons. High-grade catabolic vegetables include artichokes, celery, sweet potato, asparagus, cucumbers, peppers, tomato, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, brussels sprouts, spinach, carrots and lettuce.

While you can find enough information online to follow this diet for free, you can also purchase eating guides, recipes and books for this diet from several websites. There is a fat-burning health supplement suggested to be taken with one such website.

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  • The Catabolic Diet sounds like it would definitely result in weight loss.
  • The Catabolic Diet can be followed for free by reading about it online.



  • Many high-grade catabolic foods are low in protein and other nutrients required for a healthy diet.
  • A Catabolic Diet is not a healthy diet for the long-term, as it following it forever would eventually result in death.


The Catabolic Diet is an eating plan for quick weight loss that encourages consuming foods with a negative caloric intake. While eating some or even many of these foods would undoubtedly be a healthy addition to many diets, eating only high-grade catabolic foods would leave a person’s body deficient in many important nutrients like protein. A Catabolic Diet should not be followed after the person has reached a healthy weight range since it will induce further and unhealthy weight loss. Your doctor should always be consulted before beginning any diet or weight loss program.

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    There are a limited number of foods, and it does get a bit tedious after a while.


  • 2
    don cooper

    Ive tried the catabolic diet several times all of them very successfull..3 pounds of food daily…its a mountain of food and you actually get tired of eating so much..3 pounds daily food intake creating 4 pounds of daily elimination gave me a 1 pound weight loss daily..the only drawback was each time i aproached my ideal weight i would start having occasional chest pains which ofcourse stopped when i stopped the diet…but it definately works bigtime if you follow it to the letter


  • 3
    Joan L. Burnett

    What are the disadvantages of this diet? The Catabolic Diet?


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