Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Wrist Weights Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights increase workout intensity by adding weight to the body during workouts. Users can choose to strap the 5-pound weights onto the wrists or ankles. Each strap weighs 2.5 pounds, so total increased weight is 5 pounds. The cost of the Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights is $21.99. The dieter can just as easily add a 5-pound bag of flour to a backpack and gain the extra 5 pounds for added intensity. Hand weights tend to cost less than the wrist / ankle straps, another viable option to save money.

List of Ingredients

Velcro straps for wrist or ankle.

Product Features

When walking or running, adding weights to the wrists or ankles is an ideal way to increase workout intensity or add an upper body workout to a lower body program. The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights simply strap onto the body with Velcro and stay in place during the workout. The official website for the product claims one size fits most people, but that simply means some people will fit the weights and others will not. There is no specific measurement provided for the weights, so the dieter needs to contact the company before placing an order.

There is not diet plan or fitness plan associated with the Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights, so the dieter needs to find a workout plan to incorporate the weights. Any walking or running program on a treadmill, elliptical or outdoors will work. However, if the dieter is already following a cardio plan, the added 5 pounds will not greatly increase the intensity.

One viable option for wrist weights involves utilizing a boxing workout to increase upper body strength. The wrist weights will help a beginner gain strength in the shoulders and upper body, but 5 pounds may be too light after a short time.

Altus, the creator of the Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights, sells a variety of other wrist and ankle weights to increase workout intensity. Weights typically range from 2.5 pounds to more than 10 pounds.

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  • The official website sells the Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights directly.
  • There is no shipping charge for the weights.
  • May increase workout intensity.
  • Perfect for beginners with no workout experience.


  • Five-pound weights may be too light for some dieters.
  • The length of each strap is not provided.


Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle / Wrist Weights allow the dieter to workout with weights on each wrist or ankle. If the dieter is walking for exercise, the weights may provide an increase in intensity for the upper body, but the lower body or cardio portion will not be greatly affected.

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