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Cathe Friedrich is a well-known fitness instructor who has developed a methodology of workouts and produced a series of workout videos targeted mainly to women. Cathe Friedrich’s workouts are based on step aerobics and she is one of the best-known proponents of power stepping. The Cathe Friedrich videos are based on the concept of “muscle confusion”. Muscle confusion is a based on the theory that people looking to lose weight by working out hit a plateau past which they seem to be unable to lose more weight. Friedrich believes that this plateau is caused by the body becoming used to routine workouts and that changing the workouts and intensity is the key to continued weight loss and sculpting.

Cathe Friedrich’s website sells over 40 workout DVD’s in several series. Friedrich also sells steppers and other fitness equipment. Consumers can purchase directly from the official website which is something we like to see as cutting out the “middleman” to help the consumer to save money.

The website itself is generally laid out well and is informative. One thing that is particularly helpful is the section with video clips from the Cathe Friedrich DVD’s. This allows the customer to preview the content of the DVD’s before purchase. The website states that there are no returns of DVD’s and videos so the more information the customer gets upfront, the better purchasing decisions the consumer will make. The videos range from around $20 to $90, so purchasing a number of workout videos to get the variety Friedrich advocates can be pricy.

Product Features

Cathe Friedrich DVD’s are grouped into the following categories: Abs/Core, Strength/Toning, Boot Camp, Step, Stretch, Circuit, Kickbox, Hi/Lo, Hi Step, and Bundles. Each video follows roughly the same format with a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end.

Most of the DVD workouts require little in the way of specialized equipment- mostly a stepper system and dumbbells. Consumers may wish to price steppers in their local fitness stores and compare to those sold on the Cathe Friedrich site to get the best deal.

The Cathe Friedrich DVD’s are basic and easy to follow, not incorporating advanced step moves that many new steppers find difficult to execute. Friedrich’s instructions are clear and she uses several different demonstrators to show different ways of completing the exercises based on current fitness levels.

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  • Can workout in your own home.
  • Lots of variety in the workout videos available.
  • Workouts developed by a known fitness professional.


  • Costly to purchase several videos and may be too expensive for the average consumer.


If you are looking for a series of step aerobic workout videos, this is the series to get. The variety and the production quality make for a solid workout regimen. Keep in mind that purchasing several Friedrich DVD’s may add up, so look for specials on the site. Several of the DVD’s are also put together in bundles and these represent a better value for those on a budget.

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    Esther M. Annabelli

    Dear Cathe 1-22-2010
    Wow I have been doing your workout since Sept. of 2009. I am a female, 58 yrs. old and I started last May with the pool to help me tone in the water with exercise. I needed to take the workout inside for the winter, and as I watched fit-tv here in my area I still keep coming back to you. They changed my time here to 12:00 p.m. and I love it. I wanted you to know that, I can do all things through Christ that strengths me. I feel great. I had to overcome fear of injury that I did suffer a long time ago at age of 21, and I need to loose about 100 lbs. I lost 25 so far. I must allow the time to season me with durance and strength. It’s working! I weighed 278 lbs. when I started and am now 255.0. 23 lbs. You make me laugh when your working out with the girls, when you say crack the whip, and certain other comments. Keep up the good humor and thanks for the encouragement even though you did not know it. At first when I started with you I thought you were to hard for me, but I realized small moves and take my time. As you said modify and that’s just what I’m doing. I am so greatful that I am finally on my way to a better and healthy me. My husband even see the difference already. I am taking a look at the product Avesil. Its has to be all natural. I have no health issues,I am on no drugs at all. And I take alot of vitamins for the last 30years. I want to keep it this way. I am not to computer savy, so I will give you my husbands e-mail but I do not want it to be sold or published. This is more of a private and friendly note to you.I just wanted to tell you this and thank you because it’s helping me get into shape. I like the core workouts and all of the other different workouts and I do what I can for now. God Bless you all. Take care. Esther Annabelli