Cayenne Pepper Diet Review

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The Cayenne Pepper Diet is a fad diet which claims to help one lose weight in as little as ten days. This weight loss diet is more of a colon cleansing plan than a weight loss program which will produce significant weight loss. The Cayenne Pepper Diet is designed to eliminate excess waste from the colon rather than assisting the dieter with burning excess fat and calories.


The Cayenne Pepper Diet can be purchased as a package or the ingredients can be purchased separately in local grocery stores. The Cayenne Pepper Diet Kit contains: Master Cleanser Book, Organic Maple Syrup(64 oz), Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Smooth Move Tea, Herbal Laxative Tea, Organic, Cayenne Powder and Organic Peppermint Tea.

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The Cayenne Pepper Diet is also known as the Master Cleanse Diet or lemonade diet. This is simply a fade diet designed to cleanse the colon and remove excess fecal matter. While this type of dieting can produce weight loss, it dose not promote sustainable weight loss. The weight lost on this type of diet is mainly from water loss and excretion of excess fecal matter. The Cayenne Pepper Diet is also very difficult to stick with for the full 10 days which are recommended. The Cayenne Pepper Diet requires consumers to only consume the cayenne pepper mixture and salt water flushes for 10 days. Many dieters who have tried this diet have complained of stomach pains, dizziness and nausea. The promoters of this diet claim these side effects will pass, but can be too much for many dieters to handle. The cost of this diet if the consumer purchases the Cayenne Pepper Diet kit cost $70 for a 10 day supply, but ingredients to follow this fade diet can be purchased at local grocery stores for far less.

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  • The Cayenne Pepper Diet can produce temporary weight loss.


  • The Cayenne Pepper Diet is a fade diet which does not produce sustainable weight loss.
  • The Cayenne Pepper Diet can have a number of negative side effects preventing consumers from completing the diet regimen.


The Cayenne Pepper Diet is simply a fade diet made popular through the years by the need to lose weight fast. Consumers looking to lose weight and keep it off should look for more reliable methods of weight loss. A dieter can include a proven weight loss supplement designed to help burn fat and reduce appetite. A weight loss supplement which has both of these features combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan can produce life long weight loss results, rather than quick temporary weight loss.

A weight loss supplement that has a proven record will have a dedicated website from which it can be ordered directly. This weight loss supplement will also contain a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. These ingredients should have clinical trials proving their effectiveness. The dedicated website should also offer a money back guarantee or a free trial offer to ensure customer satisfaction.

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