Ce2 Pro-Creatine Review

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Ce2 Pro Creatine is a product that is being promoted as a muscle building weight loss supplement. It was developed by the University of Nebraska Medical Center. It has been noted that Ed Byrd is the creator and developer of the company MRI, the company markets the Ce2 Pro Creatin, along with other supplements. It is believed that this product may be more aimed at people that intend to gain muscle instead of people that are trying to lose weight, but some people have made claims that it can help you to lose weight, so we are going to take a closer at these claims so that we may try to discover if this product may also be used for weight loss.


While researching this product we found what we believe to be a list of ingredients. This list of ingredients consists of Creatin Ethyl Ester, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Corn Syrup, Kollicoat, Dicalcium Phosphate, Zein, and magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Creatine Ethyl Ester is said to send a type of energy surge to the muscles so that the person taking it may be able to train harder and longer. Zein is said to be a type of protein. It is necessary to have protein as a part of your diet when you are involved in some type of weight training because protein is essential in building lean muscle. There was not much information that could be located about this product.

There have been claims that state that when using Ce2 Pro-Creatine that there are several things that it can help you to achieve as compared to if you didn’t take anything at all. The claims that are stated are that it may help you to gain strength and increase your muscle size. This product has also been said to help improve stamina when it comes to competitions and that it may help you to increase your muscle mass in as little as 6 weeks. Although lean muscle mass will help you to lose weight, not everyone wants to be a body builder.

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  • It may help you to fain lean muscle mass.
  • It may help you to maintain your focus throughout your performance.


  • It does not appear to be very useful for weight loss unless you want to gain muscle mass at the same time.
  • Does not have an official website.


After researching this product I have come to a conclusion that while this may be a good product that can help you to gain lean muscle mass and aid in all areas of working out, this may not be a good product for someone that wants to simply lose weight. Often, when taking supplements like these, if you do not work out with them then you will gain weight that may not all be lean muscle mass. But, if you do workout then you will bulk up and that simply is not the desired effect of most people looking to lose weight. If you are simply trying to lose weight, you may be better off trying something that was intended for weight loss and that has been patented and proven in clinical and scientific studies to aid with weight loss.

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