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Celace is appears to be a product that is being promoted as a weight loss supplement. The thing that is supposed to set this one apart from all of the others is that it is supposed to help you to not only lose the weight, but to keep the weight off as well. In this review we will attempt to go over the information that is available to us in order to determine whether or not this product can be an effective weight loss product.


There were 3 ingredients that were included on this list and they were named as follows Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Guarana, and Lipoic Acid.

Product Features

The Conjugated Linoleic Acid may be able to help produce weight loss results by lowering the glucose that is in your body. However, this may also result in an insulin resistance, although rare, could result in a resistance build up to insulin and therefore causing diabetes.

Guarana is a known source of caffeine that is said to be more pure than that that you may find in coffee. It is also said that it is 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine that is found in coffee. Lipoic Acid is said to be an antioxidant that ultimately keeps the sugars that you ingest from turning into fat and to help them to be turned into energy instead. It is hard to say what the features of this product actually are. This may be due to not being able to locate an official website. We were also unable to locate anyone that even markets this product. It is almost like this product is no longer in existence. If this is the case then there may be a reason that it has been removed from the market. When a product is removed from the market it usually means one of two things. It either failed as a product possibly due to poor advertising, being lost in the sea of infinity of among all of the diet products, or it was proven to be ineffective or had harmful side effects and was forced to remove itself from the market.

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  • This product contains CLA, an ingredient that has been proven to help you lose weight.


  • There have been some negative side effects that have been proven to be connected with the ingredient CLA.
  • It appears as if there is no type of appetite suppressants that are contained in this product.


It appears as though either this product has been advertised at a very low level, or it has been taken off of the market. It is virtually unknown as to what really happened with this product. It is usually not wise to recommend a product when there is so little known about it. There may be serious side effect associated with it that we do not know about that may cause some people to have a bad reaction. In this case we will have to recommend that you try a product that has been proven and patented, so that you know that you are getting your money’s worth.

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