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Cenafil is a diet supplement currently discontinued by its manufacturer, and although the pill itself is unavailable through their official website, some online retailers still sell the previous formulation to customers. Because of the lack of information, it is difficult to determine how effective Cenafil is, and it is also difficult to asses potential benefits and risks. Cenafil’s information is based only on information supplied from online retailers, and it is recommended you proceed with extreme caution if you choose to buy this product.

When it was available, Cenafil marketed itself as a fat-burning supplement that utilized a proprietary blend of Silfosafen and Hoodia Gordonii. Taken once daily, Cenafil claims its ingredients go to work, cutting down fat stores and promoting a healthier, thinner body within weeks. They do not provide any evidence or an approximate guess on how much weight loss should be expected. Cenafil’s formulation is certainly not new to the weight loss arena, which is why it may have been removed entirely. Cenafil was previously sold in 30 count bottles for $39.99, which was not even a great value for that amount. The use of Hoodia Gordonii might have yielded some positive benefits.


There is not an official ingredient list available, but Cenafil notes it contained a proprietary blend of Silfosafen, RG-1X Orlistsat Blend, Hoodia Gordonii, Citrus Naringinine, Vanadium, and Glucomannan.< ?p>

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Cenafil does not specifically mention how it increases weight loss — it only mentions that its proprietary blend promotes rapid, effective weight loss. A closer look at its ingredients tells the real story behind this defunct pill, however. The most effective ingredient in Cenafil is Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus plant extract recently touted by numerous sources as “the world’s next Ephedra.” Hoodia Gordonii is considered by numerous sources as an effective appetite suppressant and is used in numerous diet supplements to safely decrease appetite. Unfortunately, Hoodia Gordonii must be used in heavy dosages to reap these benefits. Without information about Cenafil’s ingredient dosage, it is hard to say if it offers any serious benefits.

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  • Cenafil used Hoodia Gordonii, a proven appetite suppressant.
  • You only need one dosage per day.


  • Cenafil is currently discontinued.
  • They do not provide any evidence on how — or why — Cenafil promotes rapid weight loss.
  • Cenafil does not specify any sort of diet or exercise plan as part of their diet system.


Chances are you won’t find Cenafil in online stores for long – it does not appear Cenafil will be brought back to the market. During the height of its popularity it did not offer many benefits, and perhaps its simple formulation was too simple to be successful. It is possible Cenafil could decrease appetite, which leads to some weight loss, but pairing a healthy diet plan with diet supplements wields better, longer lasting results.

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